DIY Halloween Poison Bottle Decorations

The Halloween decorating is just about done at our house. I created these fun poison potion bottles for Halloween to add to our decor. Since this weekend we are going to have a kid friendly Halloween party, I thought these would be fun to display on the tables! I really like how easy these bottles were to make thanks to some food coloring and the Cricut.  I bought these bottles at Ikea a couple years ago for less than $5.

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Ikea Hack: DIY Skeleton Rug

 If you have been to Ikea, you have probably seen the white rug for less than $3.00. I picked one of these up recently and knew I wanted to do an Ikea Hack and turn it into a Skeleton Rug for Halloween. The cool thing about this rug is that the Clever Guy can have it in his room after Halloween!

Of course, I used my handy dandy Cricut Explore. I really am pretty obsessed with it, especially for my holiday creations. Since I started doing the screen printing with the freezer paper, my life is changed! The screen printing process with the Cricut Explore is pretty easy. All I have to do is load the mat with a piece of freezer paper, cut out the stencil I want then I use that to paint on fabric.
DIY Skeleton Rug

Ikea Hack: DIY Screen Print Skeleton Rug

What you’ll need:

  • White Rug (I bought this one from Ikea for a few bucks)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • Freezer paper

DIY Skeleton Rug

How to:

  • Cut this skull out on Freezer Paper with the Cricut.
  • Iron the cut waxy side down on the middle of the rug.
  • Once secure, take the brush with black paint and dab on the open space of the inside of the cut. You’ll want to put at least two coats on and push the brush around in the fabric.
  • Allow to dry. Coat with Thompsons Fabric Seal or other fabric sealant to keep the paint from running.


DIY Skeleton Rug, less than $5 to make

DIY Halloween Candles

The blog is going to be full of Ikea hacks this upcoming week. I found this 4 pack of Hemjso candles at Ikea for less than $2 a few weeks ago. I decided to take 3 of them and decorate them for my Halloween mantle. If you are wondering why I decorated 3 out of the 4 candles, I like an odd number of 3 to split things up in my decor. Probably more of an OCD but anyways, about those candles. Since they are a plain white, it was easy to decorate them with a Black Vinyl.


I used the Cricut Explore to cut the vinyl out for the candles. It was easy to do, I cut the vinyl out with this cut in the design software.

DIY Halloween Skull Candle

The skull and bat cuts were pretty easy. Just a simple peel and stick to the candles! The spider web was tricky but only because of the cut and all of it’s pieces.  DIY Halloween Candles

 They are cute, right! These were less than a few dollars to make and really only took a couple minutes to put together.

Disclosure: I participated in this program on behalf of Fiskars and Champions for Kids. All opinions are my own.

Teacher Gift Basket

Every year I donate school and art supplies to the kid’s school. Since a lot of the supply responsibility falls upon the teachers, I want to make sure they have everything they need. I actually found out last year that while the parent’s list seemed to get slimmer, it wasn’t because those supplies were replaced. They took supplies off because they didn’t want to burden the parents. I personally don’t think it’s a burden as I love getting a good deal on supplies and usually stock up when I can so we can share them with the school. I usually check in with the teachers about every quarter to see if they need anything. This past weekend we had a crafty get together and I asked friends to bring crafty supplies to donate to the Clever Guy’s school.

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DIY Hemp Bangal Bracelets

Have you ever found something in the dollar store you knew you couldn’t resist? But you weren’t sure if you would use it either? I bought these bracelets 3 for 1 dollar at our dollar store. If you know me, I can’t resist accessories. I liked the tones but I thought they could use a makeover. I found these at the $.99 Cent Only store but you could find bangles anywhere, you probably have some in your closet.


I normally don’t wear a lot of bracelets but I am becoming a fan of the bangles that have the mix n’ match feel to them. I found colored hemp for only a few bucks at Walmart and I knew I could make over these bracelets. The color palette also works for any season so these will be perfect for Autumn.

DIY Hemp Bangle Bracelet

Easy! DIY Hemp Bangle Bracelets.

What’ you’ll need:

How To:

  • Take the cord and glue one end to the inside of the bracelet. Let it set until it is secure.
  • Once secure, start wrapping from one side to another. You’ll continuously be pulling the cord through the bracelet.
  • Be sure to pull it snug but not so hard it comes loose. Push it and smooth it as you continue to work your way through the bracelet.
  • To use multiple colors, simply cut the cord 1/3 or 1/2 way through and secure the end back inside the bracelet with the glue.

It’s really easy and you can do this while relaxing and watching your favorite shows.

DIY Hemp Bangle Bracelets

Knowing me, I’ll be using these colors to dress up my black/white ensembles.

Let me know if you make these, would love to see the colors you use!


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