Want to make your own chalk paint? I have an easy chalk paint recipe that uses just two ingredients!

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe:

You’ll need plaster of paris and water. Of course you’ll also need paint!

My rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of water & 1 tablespoon of Plaster of Paris to one cup of paint.

I personally love picking up the small “sample” size paints at Home Depot because they seem to be the perfect size for my projects. I always look for the “oops” paints at only $.50 cents each! When I can’t find the color I am looking for, I make my own! More on that below.

First thing is to take the plaster of paris and dissolve it in the water. It is very important that you do this first before adding it to the paint or else your paint will curdle. Take about 60 seconds of swift stirring to ensure that the plaster of paris has dissolved.

Next, stir it into the paint for about 30 seconds and then you are done!

Chalk Paint Jars

You may be asking, why tint it when Home Depot will tint it for free? Well the key here is I only want enough for each project I am doing. For example, if I am painting one mason jar a light pink color, and others another color, I don’t need a whole thing of paint that is pink. Instead since these are about $3, I buy one and split it up into different containers to make different colors.  Also, you can get that exact color you want! It’s easy and economical I promise, stay with me.

What you’ll need to create your tinted chalk paint:

How to tint your own paint to create chalk paint.

  • Rit  Dye
  • Pure white paint (with chalk mixture already in it)

How to create tinted paint:

  • Separate the white paint into the containers you want to store them in. You can keep them in the original jar but it may be hard to stir if it’s full.
  • For a lighter color, add a few drops of the dye. For a deeper color, add more drops of the dye.
  • Stir or about 30 seconds and you are done!

The color does not seem to rub off! I used red to create the following colors:

DIY Chalk Paint ~ Create a pink ombre look with paint and dye

I also used blue and yellow but the lighter pigmented colors definitely require more drops of Rit.

Blue and Yellow Tinted Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint Jars


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15 Easy Mason Jar Crafts For Spring!


Well Hello Spring! While we don’t get much in terms of flowers and green grass here in Phoenix, we can still enjoy the beautiful colors of Spring! I have noticed my Mason Jar collection has gotten quite out of hand let’s say, excessive. I need to start crafting with these babies, stat! So I asked some of my favorite bloggers and searched the interwebs for fun and easy Mason Jar Crafts for Spring!

1. Brighten up your home with these painted and distressed mason jars:


2. See how to stencil jars and create a butterfly feeder:


3. Create cranberry colored glass with this tutorial:


4. Create fun  Easter Mason Jars with toys on top of the jar:


5. Wrap mason jars and vases in colorful yarn! These look so colorful (and easy):


6. Create a mason jar succulent for your Spring mantel:


7. Create a striped look on your mason jars:


8. Create a fun Mason Jar Fairy Lantern:


9. Create a beautiful centerpiece with flowers and citrus in mason jars. These would be perfect for any Spring gathering or just at home:


10. Create Magic Vases for St. Patrick’s Day. This tutorial shows you how to create a 3 dimensional effect on your mason jars:


11. A Happy Easter Jar with burlap and embellishments


12. Create 3 different Mason jar projects for Spring such as a luminary and a fun Easter Jar:


13. Create hand tinted mason jars for St. Patrick’s Day. Want to know how to tint mason jars? Check out this post for sure:


14. Fill jars with fun things for Easter with these ideas. These could be great gifts for teachers, neighbors etc:


15. Give the gift of Easter Brownie mix in a jar (recipe included):


Prevent boredom and have fun this Summer with this Summer Bucket of Fun

Last Summer we created a Summer Fun Bucket which I shared over at ThinkCrafts.com. I am in disbelief that Summer is here already! I wanted to share the tutorial here since I had’t yet, plus I need inspiration for our bucket list for this Summer! What is on your bucket list?

What You’ll Need:

  • Bucket
  • Craft sticks
  • Styrofoam ball for the inside
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper
  • Washi Tape
  • 2 pieces of cardstock
  • Curling ribbon
  • Cutting machine (such as Cricut or Silhouette)
  • Vinyl sheet

Take the craft sticks and on each one, write the fun things you would like to do this Summer with your family.
Cut out the words, Summer Fun in vinyl on your cutting machine and adhere it to the front. If you do not have vinyl, try printing it then tracing it with an X-ACTO knife, covering it on the front with Mod Podge. Follow with a simple Washi Tape strip on the front.
Cut out envelopes with cardstock, one to hold coupons for the Summer list and one to hold your done sticks (these could be used in a Summer scrapbook page if you wish). Punch two circles to make labels for the “Done” envelope and for the “Coupons” envelope and adhere them to the envelopes. Punch a small hole with a paper punch in the corner of the envelope so you can tie them onto the bucket.
Wrap the Styrofoam ball in one layer of tissue paper and stuff down inside the bucket until it’s firmly put.
Stick each craft stick inside the ball so all the words are facing the front.
Attach the envelopes to each side of the bucket.

While it may be fading, I am still in love with Chalkboard everything. When I saw an over sized Easter Egg at Target for only $3, I knew I wanted to paint it and create a fun centerpiece.
Project: Chalkboard Easter Egg
Time: 10 Minutes (excluding dry time) 
Giant Easter Egg (Target & Hobby Lobby have them)
Chalkboard Paint (I love Americana)
Foam Brush 

Paint 1 coat all over egg, let dry for about ten minutes.
Repeat 2 – 3 times.
Waiting is the hardest part they say.
Once dry, cure the chalkboard by rubbing chalkboard all over the egg, then wiping with a dry cloth.
This could be a fun way for kids to decorate the Egg Centerpiece for dinner and not have it be “perishable”.

As you can see, I used paint markers and they got a bit messy! 
Want to see more quick and fun Easter crafts? Click the image below!


Looking for a Teacher’s Valentine’s gift from your little kids? This Valentine’s Day craft is easy for kids with mom’s help and includes a printable below!

This gift features Pink and Red Tootsie Pops. The Tootsie pops are tied together with Twine and placed in Styrofoam for a steady base.

The “bouquet” is then placed in a Cello Bag w/ tissue paper to complete the look!

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Teachers

The Valentine attached says: You are my favorite one of the bunch!  You can get this free Valentine’s Card printable by clicking the image and saving to your computer.

Clever Tips:

I purchased the suckers at Safeway.
The heart cello bags are from the Target Dollar Spot.
The Styrofoam was from an old wreath that I use to piece out when I need a Styrofoam fix.

Pink Sucker Bouquet for Valentine's Day

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