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Printable Tomorrowland Pins

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Today the Tomorrowland movie comes out and we are very excited. We have seen all of the previews and we even got to see more footage at Disney Social Media Moms. We love a good action movie and when you tie that with Disney and our memories of Tomorrowland at Disneyland and Disney World, this is at the top of our list to kick off our Summer plans!

We even received a Tomorrowland Pin at Disney Social Media Moms!

Printable Tomorrowland Pins


If you are excited about the Tomorrowland movie too, we have some fun printables for you! Clever Guy and I made printable Tomorrowland pins that kids can give out to friends this Summer or even feature at their birthday parties!

Printable Tomorrowland Pins

Print the images here: Printable Tomorrowland Pins

Printable Tomorrowland Pins

To make them into pins:

  • You’ll need: Pin backs, a laminating machine and the printables along with scissors and a strong glue.
  • Print the images above and then cut around the pins neatly.
  • Run the pin images through a Xyron Machine or self sealing laminating pouches.
  • Cut around the pin graphics again.
  • Glue the pins on the back with the strong glue. I prefer Aileen’s metal glue. A hot glue gun did not work for this project.
  • Allow to dry then wear!

Let us know if you make the pins!

Find out more about the move here:
Printable Tomorrowland Pins


Be Our Guest Restaurant Tips

Be Our Guest Restaurant Dining Tips

When we were planning our extended stay at Disney World we were trying to figure out where we should eat. Typically we are counter service people but we heard great things about Be Our Guest. This is a restaurant at the base of Belle’s castle in Fantasyland. We managed to get a reservation for our last day there for brunch.

I dare you to read the rest of this post without singing…..

Be Our Guest

We weren’t sure what to expect but this restaurant is pretty neat no matter how old you are!

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Hundreds of Reasons to Purchase Disney's Memory Maker at Disney World!

On our recent trip to Disney World, we utilized the Disney World Memory Maker. The question that went through my mind as I am sure it does in everyone’s mind is; “Is it worth it?”. When you first look at the price of this it may be a little bit of a sticker shock to you but I am going to share with you why it’s worth it. In fact, I have hundreds of reasons why it’s worth it and that is because I ended up with that many photos in my account! It was so nice not having to worry about taking that perfect photo when the photographers did it for me. It made my vacation that much better!


Reasons to purchase Memory Maker:

  • Who wants to lug their big camera around? Let a professional take the photos! Plus asking for the 100th time if someone can take your photo can be a drag.
  • You’ll not only end up with photos of you and your family, they put special stock images to match your photos. We ended up getting several of the Flower and Garden festival from Epcot!
  • You can link up experiences like Jedi Training
  • The Memory Maker works for both photographers and rides! You can download every ride photo!
  • The magic additions are amazing and included as part of the Memory Maker!
  • Did you know some rides have video too? We have video from Mine Train and Hollywood Tower of Terror!
  • I ended up with over 350 photos in my memory maker. If we do the math with the early purchase price, that’s only about 5 cents a photo. WELL worth it especially since you receive a variety of photos.
  • You can edit the photos inside Memory Maker to include fun frames.
    PhotoPass_Visiting_ Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_7312819319PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7305748490
  • Have that photo where that person just happened to get in the background? Check out this before and after with the fun stickers available!


Now you see her…..


Now you don’t!

Disney World Memory Maker Tips

  • Buy before you go so you can save $30!
  • Look for the photographers, sometimes you may walk by and miss them! In the app you can actually pull a list as to where all the opportunities are.
  • Ask for magic photos, sometimes they don’t always take them or add the magic in.
  • If all your photos do not show up, simply call the help line and give them your magic band number and they can help.

In my opinion this investment is well worth it if you will be going to multiple parks on multiple days so that you can maximize the value. Only going for a day or two? Consider taking advantage of purchasing photos through a Photo Pass.

Have you taken advantage of the Memory Maker? What is your favorite feature?

Want some more reasons? Check out this post by MomEndeavors!

Disclosure: This post is linked to our Disney Social Media Moms conference trip. We did receive some complimentary & discounted items on our trip though the cost of the conference and travel were paid in full by me. The Memory Maker was part of the conference package.


This past week we returned from Disney Social Media Moms that was held at Disney World. I have never been to this conference before but I know many who have attended.  In years past I have watched my friends have the experience of a lifetime. However, it really didn’t make occur to me exactly what Disney Social Media Moms was, until I attended this year. For those who are not familiar with this conference I will back up just a bit. DSMMs is a conference for social media moms (and dads) that is held at either Disney World or Disneyland. During the conference there are keynote speakers, sessions, Disney insights and experiences. It’s really an honor to get invited to this conference.

The thing about Disney Social Media Moms though is it’s kind of a big deal in the blogosphere. During a certain time of the year, influencers start watching their Twitter feeds and inboxes to see when the first invites are out. It almost seems to cause a panic of who got it, who didn’t and really what is the invite process? How does one get the pixie dust email? Really, only the hosts of this event know.

The thing about Disney Social Media Moms is I almost didn’t go. When the invite came in I thought OMG and oh no, I can’t pull this off. We are short on our team at work and I knew going to Disney World would be an expensive endeavor. I remember texting a friend who had went before and she told me I had to go. Within an hour of the invite I switched by direction to going no matter how hard I had to work to make it happen. I am so thankful for that decision.


The thing about Disney Social Media Moms is it’s not a conference or a family vacation, it’s an experience. It’s an experience where you will learn. You’ll learn not only tips for the social media space but you’ll learn more about Disney than you ever knew. You’ll also find what inspires you to blog, all over again. The Disney magic really comes through in this conference giving the attendees feelings of happiness and excitement.


The thing about Disney Social Media Moms is the focus is on family. While this is technically a blogging conference, the hosts do a great job at focusing everything really on family. They speakers not only focused on family but they had events that involved family too. They even had the kids make a Mother’s Day video!


The thing about Disney Social Media Moms is it’s not only about families it’s also about friendships. I really lucked out with getting to go with some of my best bloggy friends. We got to experience not only the conference itself together but the family activities and even our extended stay together. The kids had a blast and it was fun getting to experience a lot of first with family and friends.


The thing about Disney Social Media Moms is, you don’t have to be invited to go. You can actually attend the conference right from your home just by following along on the social media channels. I’ve always followed along on Twitter in previous years. The inspiration that was shared there was easy to embrace right from my couch. I know this year I was tweeting like crazy so if you haven’t checked out the feed yet, search for #DisneySMMC on Twitter and Instagram. The conference goers do a really good job at sharing everything they can with their followers. After all, we are social moms!


So really thing about Disney Social Media Moms is, it’s what you make it to be. I’m sharing this post because I want others to feel inspired. Be inspired to be you and keep inspiring to learn and grow your blog. If you get to attend, take the opportunity. Make it what you want it to be. If you don’t get invited you can still make it what you want it to be. You don’t have to be jealous, you can have fun too even if you aren’t there physically. Want to try to get in on the magic now? I would definitely recommend attending a Disney Social Media Moms on the Road event if you can. I found that when I went last year, this experience was also magical! And hey I even got to meet Grumpy Cat!

This is not my recap post and in fact, there are many more posts ahead. I wanted to share this because these are all feelings I have felt over the years about this conference finally put into words. I am so grateful that I had this experience. I felt it inspired me to grow my blog and put an even greater focus on my family.





DIY Stormtrooper Running Costume

This weekend I did my first Disney Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms at Disney World. I got together with a few other AZ bloggers who attended the conference and we came up with dressing up with a Star Wars theme! Everyone selected a character to go as and I decided to go as a Stormtrooper. This DIY Stormtrooper costume was easy to put together and easy to run in!

The StormTrooper costume:

DIY StormTrooper Shirt
Black Capri Leggings
White & Black Tutu
StormTrooper Mickey Ears
StormTrooper Socks

I made the entire costume in about 3 hours. The tutu took the longest but it was pretty easy to do while watching a movie!

DIY Stormtrooper Shirt

StormTrooper Shirt Supplies:

How To:

  • Take the shirt and iron it out. Carefully iron on the freezer paper cutout to the front of the shirt.
  • Paint inside the stencil with the paint.
  • Allow the paint to dry then remove the stencil.
  • Cut the side seams all the way down.
  • Punch 3 – 4 holes down the side.
  • Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

StormTrooper Tutu Supplies:

  • 2 rolls of white tulle
  • 1 roll of black tulle
  • 1 strand of 1/2 inch to 1 inch black or white elastic (measured to fit snuggly on your waist)
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Cut the elastic to fit your waist. Leave a few extra inches so you can knot it around your waist but don’t tie it yet.
  • Cut strips of tulle about 10 – 15 inches long. I did a variety of different sizes. Cut until you run out of the tulle or go until you have the desired fluffiness. I wanted an extra fluffy tutu so it took 2 and a half rolls.
  • Tie the tulle in knots around the elastic. You don’t have to double knot them, one knot will do. This way you can move them around as needed. I did about 4 white, 1 black as a pattern.

StormTrooper Mickey Ears Supplies

  • Foam board
  • Headband
  • Mickey ears template (printable found here)
  • White fabric (I used scraps from the shirt)
  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 Black vinyl cut outs of the Imperial Crest , about 2.5 inches big.

DIY Stormtrooper Mickey Ears

DIY Stormtrooper Mickey Ears

DIY Stormtrooper Mickey Ears

How To:

  • Use the printable to trace Mickey ears. You will need to do 4 cut outs.
  • Hot glue the white scraps around the ears. I simply glued the gathering of the fabric together on the back.
  • Hot glue the ears about 2 inches apart.
  • Place the crests on each ear.

DIY Stormtrooper Costume

 So what completed the costume? Running with #CleverVader

DIY StormTrooper Costume

DIY Star Wars Run Disney Costumes

As you can see, we had a lot of fun at the Disney Social Media Moms Fun Run! Looking for more DIY Star Wars run costumes? Check out these links!

Chewbacca Costume from Ecelctic Mommy

Darth Vader Costume from Mom Endeavors

Han Solo Costume from Desert Chica

R2d2 Costume from See Vanessa Craft

BB-8 Droid from All For The Boys

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