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Indoor Camping-6

Something fun for kids to do when they have to be indoors, maybe when weather isn’t favorable outside or when kids are just bored is indoor camping. Clever Guy loves to do this! You can usually do this with things you already have like a tent and Christmas lights. The white lights resemble starlight right outside of the tent.

Indoor Camping

Some tips for indoor camping with kids:

  • Allow them to set up the tent and sleeping bag. This is a great way for them to be independent and help out when you go camping out in the wild!
  • For the ground, use a foam pad from the store or a camping pad. If you have a kindergarten pad, that would work too!
  • This is a great way for kids to stay focused during sleep overs and hey, they may even stay in the tent all night!
  • Set up a small projector or portable dvd player inside the tent.
  • Make some non perishable snacks for kids to take inside and enjoy while watching a movie!

Amazon Shopping List:


Indoor Camping

Faux Fire: One of the fun things about camping is the fire. There are some cute little fake fires on Amazon!


Smart Phone ProjectorSmart Phone Projector: We have this one and it’s around $20 and it works!

Indoor Camping

Tips for the projector:

  • Be sure to watch the video on how to set this up.
  • Need it to be more secure? Just a little bit of duct tape can help with that!
  • Place a white foam board in the tent if it doesn’t display on the tent well.

White LED Lights: Stock up on these after Christmas or grab some off of Amazon for less than $10!

Have your kids done indoor camping? What are there favorite things to do?

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Potato Strings RecipeHave you had fried potato strings? Also known as shoestring potatoes or fried potato spirals! These are easy to make and perfect for game time! All you need is a viral vegetable peeler, oil and seasoning. The trick is heating them up just enough to crisp them but don’t burn them. My favorite seasoning for these is a creole seasoning.

I recently purchased a Spiral Vegetable Peeler that spirals the vegetables and this tool makes appetizers and side dishes in minutes!

Potato Strings Recipe

What you’ll need:

Creole seasoning or salt and pepper

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan
  2. Wash potatoes
  3. Place the potatoes  on the vegetable peeler, continue to peel until there is only a core
  4. Place the potato spirals on a dry paper towel to absorb the moisture
  5. When the oil is heated, place the spirals in the hot pain, in batches
  6. Cook each batch for about 2.5 – 3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown and crispy
  7. Remove from oil and place in a bowl or on a plate
  8. Season as desired

Sauce is simply sriacha, mustard and katchup. This recipe can be made in about 10 minutes from start to finish!

Football bowls are from the dollar store!

Potato Strings Recipe


Unique Things You Haven't Done at DisneylandDisneyland is one of our favorite places to go. I wish I would have kept count of how many times we have gone but we have definitely gone plenty of times. We absolutely love all of the rides at the parks but it’s always fun when we try to seek out fun things we haven’t done before. When Clever Teen and I just went for the Star Wars Half Marathon, we purposely sought out as many things as we could that we hadn’t done before. Below are our favorite suggestions on what to see and do at Disneyland that you probably haven’t done before! If you have done these, tell us which ones are your favorite!

Cool and Unique Things to Do In Disneyland


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Dutch Oven Smores

We are gearing up for camping season in a few months. I like to test a few recipes before we venture out and this weekend we tried Dutch Oven S’mores. Now you may have looked at this first photo and though, yikes! However, if you have had a good campfire s’more, you know that when they burn, the marshmallows turn into gooey goodness.

And trust me, the bottom is even better with the gooey marshmallow on top.

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Bearizona Deer

We recently traveled to Williams, AZ to check out Bearizona. Bearizona is an animal reserve that you can drive through to see many animals including bears, wolves, buffalo and deer. You can also walk through some of the animal encounters to see smaller animals like foxes and bobcats. If you are looking for a fun thing to do on a day drive, Bearizona is a great place! Read more on our adventures to Bearizona, below.

Bearizona Our drive started with getting close to the deer. We loved rolling down our window and watching their curiosity. They came right up to our car and we were able to roll down our windows and take photos and say hello!


The wolves were one of the highlights of our trip. We really haven’t gotten to see these animals up close before and watching them interact with each other was a great experience.



The buffalo were relaxing as we drove through their area.

We did get to see many bears but taking the photos through our car was hard and it was a cloudy day and they were napping. Looking forward to visiting when it’s warmer and we can see the bears out and about!

Walking Through Bearizona


When we walked through this area we saw many animals including porcupines! They were so cute as they nibbled on their food.


The river otters were also cute!

The bobcats were nice and cozy. Bobcats really do look like oversized cats!



We asked the foxes what they say and they just looked at us. I guess I’ll never really know what the fox says.

BearizonaThe baby bears were a highlight of our walk through. They played with each other the whole time we were there.


Bearizona Tips:

  • Check out more about Bearizona here:
  • Go earlier in the day or later in the day, about 2 hours before it closes so you can avoid the crowds.
  • You are welcome to go through loops again so if you want to go back and check out the animals again, you can!
  • Bring your cameras and make sure your windows are cleaned. There are points where you are required to keep your windows rolled up.
  • Save some time for walking around to see some of the smaller animals like the adorable baby bears!
  • Check out the times for the animal encounters to help you plan your trip:
  • To enter this park people are charged by person, I believe that they do occasionally coupons but they are rare.
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