Prevent boredom and have fun this Summer with this Summer Bucket of Fun

Last Summer we created a Summer Fun Bucket which I shared over at I am in disbelief that Summer is here already! I wanted to share the tutorial here since I had’t yet, plus I need inspiration for our bucket list for this Summer! What is on your bucket list?

What You’ll Need:

  • Bucket
  • Craft sticks
  • Styrofoam ball for the inside
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper
  • Washi Tape
  • 2 pieces of cardstock
  • Curling ribbon
  • Cutting machine (such as Cricut or Silhouette)
  • Vinyl sheet

Take the craft sticks and on each one, write the fun things you would like to do this Summer with your family.
Cut out the words, Summer Fun in vinyl on your cutting machine and adhere it to the front. If you do not have vinyl, try printing it then tracing it with an X-ACTO knife, covering it on the front with Mod Podge. Follow with a simple Washi Tape strip on the front.
Cut out envelopes with cardstock, one to hold coupons for the Summer list and one to hold your done sticks (these could be used in a Summer scrapbook page if you wish). Punch two circles to make labels for the “Done” envelope and for the “Coupons” envelope and adhere them to the envelopes. Punch a small hole with a paper punch in the corner of the envelope so you can tie them onto the bucket.
Wrap the Styrofoam ball in one layer of tissue paper and stuff down inside the bucket until it’s firmly put.
Stick each craft stick inside the ball so all the words are facing the front.
Attach the envelopes to each side of the bucket.

Another month has come and gone, so long, June! It was definitely an eventful month for our first month of Summer! One and a half more to go then it’s School time again! ((insert happy little mommy dance here))

My highlights

  • Baby Brentlee, my nephew was born! Isn’t he a cutie?
  • We invested in Wet n Wild passes. Smartest investment for Summer, ever! Last year we invested in one of those large above ground pools. Nightmare! This makes life so much more enjoyable!
  • Camping, the kids love it but it’s truly a bummer that we live in a dry state where we can’t have campfires and it makes bears go crazy and attack people. Hoping the monsoons roll in soon allowing us to camp again in July.
  • Tyler turned 8 years old, goodness where does the time go. We went to the SEA LIFE aquarium, the movies to see Brave and he also got some passes to the Science museum, space museum and more movie passes. We are looking forward to another eventful month!
  • Summer projects, we are getting some cool crafts and such done. Tyler learned how to spray paint too!
  • Adrienne and I did 80′s night for Girls Night Out at our church. And she smiled for a photo. Pretty awesome night.

So now we plan for July. There is still so much we want to do like visit places around the state and visit the beach. Hopefully this month doesn’t fly by without lots of fun.

What are your Summer highlights and plans?

We recently got to experience SEA LIFE Aquarium for the first time. Okay it was my first time, the kids had been once. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m from AZ and well, how much sea life can you really have here? I was definitely surprised how awesome this place is.


Our first thing on our list was getting a preview at the brand new Behind The Scenes Discovery  Tour. This tour will give aquarium goers a behind the scenes look at what goes into taking care of the animals and keeping the aquarium going. This was a lot of fun. We saw the laboratory where they take tests of water and sea life to make sure they all is healthy in the water. We also got to see the animal holding area, where they take the sea creatures of all sizes when they aren’t feeling well or when they are new before they introduce them to their new home. We also saw the food prep kitchen which was cool, we got to see what they serve the animals and how they prepare it. The most exciting thing on the tour was getting the hands on experience of the microscopes. Tyler is all about science (eh hem, Mad Science Birthday party) and it was fun getting to see the different things that they look at behind the scenes. Also, I loved learning about how much each animal eats by their chart that they keep for each animal.

After the tour, we experienced the aquarium and while it looks small from the outside, this place has SO much to offer!  There are sharks in the walk through tank which was really neat because you can really see all sides of these animals since they can swim right above you! There is the touch pond which was one of my favorite things. People can touch starfish, crabs and snails. The little tentacles on the bottom of starfish are all squirmy, it was quite cool. We also saw so many types of fish including a giant puffer fish, jellyfish, and fish from Finding Nemo! I personally loved the octopus, I mean, it’s not everyday they are showing features on those animals and when the octopus moves around, it is pretty awesome. Along with the different rooms of fish and the giant sharks mouth, which you will see Tyler in below, there is also a giant play area for kids to get their energy out. We loved the hand on experience and how close we got to some of these beautiful creatures.

The SEA LIFE is definitely something to see, especially in the Summer where our adventures are quite limited.

If you go:

The Discovery Tours start this Friday, June 29th and it is only an additional $4 for adults and $3 for children, well worth it! The aquarium tickets start at $18 for adults and $12 for kids but you can save money when you purchase them online ahead of time

Go early during the week. This places gets busy so plan a trip when they open or later in the day.

Disclosure: We went to SEA LIFE as part of their blogger outreach, all opinions and photos expressed in this post are my own unless otherwise stated.

SEA LIFE Arizona group blogger shot

Photo credit for the above photo goes to Wendy from
If you want to see AMAZING photos of Sea Life, check out her blog post on SEA LIFE:

Brentlee Blake

8.3 lb, 21 inches long


Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was hectic and I am exhausted! Actually, despite the horrid heat, a broken car window and an event went wrong, this was a pretty good good! The best thing to happen this weekend, my baby nephew, Brentlee was born! There he is above in all of his newborn glory. The little guy with him is my other nephew, Ethan and we spend the whole weekend together while mom was in the hospital with baby.

Other highlights from the weekend:

BBQ Smore’s, best idea ever! I’ll share the tutorial soon!

We made mustaches for Adrienne and her friend who spent the night.

Ethan didn’t quite get it, or thought we were all crazy for wearing paper mustaches.

Speaking of Adrienne and her friend, want to know what happens when you are having too much fun laughing and not paying attention to the ingredients while baking cookies? This! Definitely not enough flour.

Frozen Yogurt, I don’t care if it is a fad it’s a cheap (and somewhat healthy way) to bond as a family and have fun.

I made some decor for my crafting Pinterest party happening this Friday. Cant wait!

Oh and before I forget and in case you didn’t see my FB status, I got a whole bunch of awesome awesome AWESOME Duck Tape and guess what, I am doing a giveaway soon. It’s true, stay tuned!

So how was your weekend?



Have you eer found a $.50 cent piece of particle board and had a vision? Well hopefully I am not the only one but I did find a $.50 cent board that is about 11 X 14 inches at a thrift store.  I made a chalkboard for Adrienne’s room which she loved.

Project: DIY Kid’s Chalkboard

Time: 10 minutes of painting, 1 day to dry.


Board ($.50)

Drawer handle (found at Hobby Lobby for $1 on sale)

Chipboard Letters

Chalkboard Paint and Foam Brush

Metallic Paint (for the chipboard letters)

Gorilla Glue (Use the white glue, I used the regular Gorilla Glue and forgot it swells up into an orange eye sore)

Jewels (to bedazzle where the Gorilla Glue made uglies)

Crop-a-dile (to punch holes for the ribbon hanger)

Ribbon (long enough to hold the chalkboard)

Mod Podge (to adhere the letters onto the board)

Cost: $1.50 + Supplies I already had


Drawer handle to hold the chalk, notice the glue puffed up so I painted over the dry glue.

  • Coat the board with chalkboard paint, let dry inbetween intervals.
  • Paint the chipboard letters with paint, allow to dry.
  • Once the board is dry, coat with chalk (on it’s side) and wipe clean.
  • Glue the letters on, I used Mod Podge to put the letters on.
  • Glue the drawer handle that will hold the chalk, upside down, with Gorilla Wood Glue, allow to dry.
  • Take a crop a dile and punch two holes on the sides evenly to hold the ribbon.
  • Thread the ribbon through to make a hanger, done!






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