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Today’s Thrifty Thursday post features some of my latest thrift store finds!


$3.00 suitcase from Goodwill

This cute vintage pink suitcase from Goodwill just needed a little cleaning but fits in great with my creative room!

$5 chair from Goodwill

This chair just needs a little oil for the ware on it but it’s a good solid piece and fits in with our decor!

So what do you do with piles of lace you got for less than a buck at Goodwill? No really, what should I do with it? I had to have it but now I don’t know what to make!

My daughter came to me a few weeks ago and asked if I had a lamps he could have for her room. I didn’t so I started looking and lamps are pricey! I knew I could easily do a lamp makeover with a lamp from Goodwill. I went on half off day and found a gold lamp for $3 and a lampshade for $2 bringing my grand total to only $5! All it took was a little cleaning and some spray paint (of course)

Here is the before and after of my Goodwill lamp:

Project: Goodwill Lamp Makeover w/ Spraypaint


Lamp w/ Lamp Shade

Spray Paint

Paper Bag

Vinyl Flower

Here is what I used


Indoor/Outdoor Paint
Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Spray Paint


Fusion for Plastic®

Krylon Fusion Satin In Plum

Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze

Krylon Triple Thick Glaze


  1. Wipe away the lamp and shade from any dirt.
  2. Cover the cord with a paper lunch bag, also stuff a piece of paper bag in the socket to prevent any paint inside there.
  3. Spray the lamp with a coat, staying approx 8 inches back with a steady motion, allow to dry.
  4. Repeat with the shade.
  5. Once they are dry, spray a second coat and allow to dry.
  6. Spray the lamp with a sealant or glaze to prevent chipping or marks.
  7. For the embellishment, use a vinyl cut out and adhere it to the front of the shade.. I cut this one out on the Silhouette.



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So you are wondering what my feet have to do with Thrifty Thursday? I wanted to show off these Sketchers Shape Ups I found a few months ago at Goodwill Clearance Center for around $2. Yep, $2! They were in good condition and I walk in them every morning. Also, in case you are wondering if these things work, my butt and hamstrings were so sore on day 2. A sure sign they are doing their job!!

Other shoes I have found at GW:

 White House Black Market Wedges and Leather Boots, both for around $2 each. I have also found many heels at Goodwill, thanks to them I now have an obsession!


Have you found shoes at Goodwill?


I am not affiliated with Sketchers or Goodwill in anyway, all opinions expressed in my post are merely for sharing and are 100% my own.


This week I did a mini makeover on my living room. After going vase shopping, I decided they were way too pricey. I bought a vase (or two) at Goodwill and decided to give them a makeover to match my living room. This was a really easy makeover for this vase where it only took a few hours to create,  mainly because of drying time.
Flower Vase Makeover
10 minutes painting/gluing and 2 hours of drying time
  • Vase
  • Foam Brushes
  • Red Glass Enamel Paint
  • Gold Metallic Paint
  • Glue Gun
How To:
  • Glue dots with a hot glue gun around the top of the bow of the vase for an embellishment.
  • *Tip* Freeze glue sticks before using them to avoid strings.
  • Paint with red paint (or paint of your choice), at least two coats on the outside and inside and allow to dry.
  • Once it’s dry, paint loose strokes with the metallic paint for the distressed look.
  • Dry, done!
Want something a little easier?
I bought this vase at Goodwill for a buck and spray painted it with gold metallic paint. Took less than 60 seconds! I then spray painted some straw ornamental balls to fill it with.
Quick Tip** Got a vase with a chip? Fill it with a hot glue gun, then paint!
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Spring is here, at least in Phoenix and of course I have the cleaning bug. Even though we recently moved and I am no stranger to purging, I still feel we have a lot of stuff!  I saw a post today from Kim at where she shares the 31 days, 31 bags challenge. You fill one bag a day, hitting each of these hot spots for clutter in your house!! Are you with me? You can read about this challenge at

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