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I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I have packed. It’s been crazy and chaotic around here! Not only have I been busy working but I have been busy getting ready for the Snap Conference. I’m so excited but I am also one of those people that has to be extremely prepared before they leave for a trip and that includes everything from having a clean house prior to leaving to making sure everything is packed and ready to go.

A hot topic when it comes to going to blog conferences, especially for blog conference newbies is what to pack. Hard to believe that SNAP will be my 6th blogging conference and I have become somewhat of a packing expert. So here is my packing list for conferences:

  • Comfortable Shoes, this is the most important thing about conferences. Not to say you can’t wear cute shoes, just keep some foldable flats in your bag.
  • Business Cards, something for people to remember you by so make it count. I took my cards and made them sparkly (see pic above).
  • Smart Phone/Ipad/Tablet, something to tweet on, keep in contact with conference goes etc. No need for a laptop really, I bring mine just incase there is work that pops up that I need to.
  • Clothes, really this goes without saying but people often ask what to wear to conferences but everyone really just wears a variety from dresses to shorts. Β Whatever is most comfortable for you ( I prefer dresses and jeans). Just remember to pack an extra outfit in case something happens to one of your planned outfits and under garments. That would go without saying except last conference I forgot them and found myself at a Target in San Diego shopping at 9 oc’lock at night.
  • Camera, often people think at blogging conferences you need a fancy DSLR, that is simply not true! While they are nice if you love taking photographs, it’s actually much simpler to bring a camera phone or small digital camera.
  • Chargers to anything and everything, in fact make friends a bring a power strip to use and share while at the conference.
  • Snacks, have you seen those Snicker’s commercials? Ya, that’s me when I am hungry so pack a granola bar or crackers if youa re like me.
  • Extras: Bring extra bandaids, candy, ibuprofen and pens. For you of course but also, it’s a great way to make new friends ;)


  • Leave extra room for “goodies” to bring home as Swag is usually at every conference.
  • Become an expert packer. Google youtube videos on how to pack the most stuff you can in a suitcase, especially if you are like me, too cheap to pay for a checked bag.
  • Bring a little something something for your roomies. Blogging conferences are similar to like Girl Scout camp and your roomies will be your best buds during this time so bring them a little gift.
  • Tweet it out, a few weeks or even months before going make sure you make your presence for the conference known. Follow the tweet stream as well for that conference so you can make new friends with people who are going, that way you won’t feel so alone when you get there!
You can read about packing on SNAP’s blog (and see a whitty tweet from me about what to bring)Β
Okay that’s is pretty much in a nutshell. Or a suitcase.
What do you pack for conferences?

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