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Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the kids to Flagstaff and visit the Arizona Snowbowl with them and my sister. I have been wanting to do the Arizona Skyride with the kids for so long, this was a fun memory I had when I was younger. People get the opportunity to ride the ski lifts that are normally in use during ski season and take it on up to the top of the peak. The views are amazing and there really are no words for all of the beauty here on this ride.

At the bottom, we played a few games and just hung out as we waited for the storm at the top to pass. As you can see, at least half the temps of Phoenix await people at the top. That alone is worth the price of the ticket, just for a break!

On the ride, my son faced his fears and was able to open his eyes after a few minutes. We stretched our legs and took in the scenery from all around, including getting to see the skiing trails and the ground below. About 5o feet below.

At The Top of the World…or at least this mountain

The views at the top were just breathtaking. We got to see rain fall into the valley below along with a volcano! The moon shot was pretty cool too. We walked around for a bit and just hung out.

Let me explain what is happening in these two photos. I just taught Clever Tween about photo bombing people’s pictures. She was trying her best to do it, she just couldn’t get the hang of it, lol. I was just happy she was smiling, even if lil bro is closing his eyes in one of the photos.

I love this map of all the ski trails, I think I would love to learn to ski one day. Even if I just went down the baby hills ;)

Don’t worry, if you gotta “go” at the top you can go in Arizona’s highest potty ;)

 If you visit:

Arizona Snow Bowl

Located on the majestic San Francisco Peaks, the Arizona Snowbowl lies 14 miles outside of Flagstaff, 2 hours from Phoenix, and 70 miles from the Grand Canyon.


  • Base elevation — 9,200 feet
  • Summit elevation — 11,500 feet

The Scenic Skyride operates from Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holiday Mondays, 10 AM to 4 PM through the fall colors in mid-October

Ticket Prices

  • Adults (ages 13-64): $15
  • Seniors (ages 65-69): $10
  • Juniors (ages 8-12): $10
  • Kids 7 and under: FREE
  • Seniors 70 and over: FREE

Download a 25% off coupon:


Mind the Monsoon season, you may get up there and it may be raining one minute, sunny the next. Don’t be disappointed of the lifts are closed when you get there, they check weather every half hour. Bring a poncho incase in sprinkles on the way up or down.

I did see little kids on this ride but if you or your child has any kind of anxiety about heights, it may be best to wait until they are older.

Oh yes, you will be cold. It may be 100+ degree weather here but up on that rim mid day it can be in the 50′s, sometimes lower as the Summer comes to an end! Bring a sweater and wear pants if you get really cold.

Bring a picnic, there are picnic tables at the top. What a beautiful place to enjoy your lunch!

While there is no hiking up at the top except some very short trails, it’s still wise to wear tennis shoes as you don’t want to slip up there!

Be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

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