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I have this obsession with not only upcycling but I have a whole jar of trinkets. It’s everything from scrabble letters to little metal charms. In that jar are about a dozen bottle caps from glass soda bottles, beer bottles etc. I’m not going to lie, I have even picked up one or two on the street. I told you, I’m obsessed! I finally did something with those bottle caps and I am glad I did, these bottle cap magnets turned out so cute!

Upcycled Bottle Cap Magnets


  • Bottle Caps
  • Card stock, patterned paper, photos etc
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • Sparkle Mod Podge (it doesn’t need to sparkle but look how pretty it is when you use it)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Brush & Small Paint Brush
  • Scissors or circle punch (1 inch)
  • Small magnets (I used strip magnets and cut them into small rectangles)


  • Paint the outside of the bottle caps, allow to dry. Once dry, add a second coat
  • Cut out one inch circles, if you have a circle punch this will help you immensely! Another idea is to find images on the internet, size them into one inch circles then print them.
  • Once the caps are dry from the paint, take a small paint brush and swirl Mod Podge inside, then place the circles inside and cover with the Mod Podge. Let them dry. If you don’t have Sparkle or Glitter Mod Podge, you can add glitter to the inside while swirling in the Mod Podge.
  • Carefully add the Dimensional Magic, fill it to the top.*
  • After about 3-5 hours, the Dimensional Magic should set. After that, glue small magnets on the back either with E-6000 or a hot glue gun.


* Crafter’s Tip:

This was the first time I used Dimensional Magic, it’s pretty cool but there are some things you need to know! Do NOT shake the Dimensional Magic, it will create bubbles in your project. Slowly squeeze the bottle at a steady pace. Have a toothpick on hand incase there are bubbles you need to pop. When filling it, also fill it to the top as much as possible. I had this idea that somehow this bubbles into a dome and that is not how it works. It will dry at the level you fill it. What you see above is actually two coats of Dimensional Magic, I’m thinking they would be a little more clear if I did one coat.

Shoppers notes:

People have asked where I buy Sparkle Mod Podge,Β  I have found it at the Walmarts with bigger craft sections and at Michaels. The Dimensional Magic was found at Hobby Lobby but not in the scrapbooking section, it was by the jewelry making supplies. You can also order these at, while you are there check out Amy from‘s book: Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World, it will not disappoint your craft loving heart!

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  1. Popped in from SITS! Your blog name is too cute! Love it!

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