Check out these earrings Adrienne and I made for 80′s night, cute right? Would you believe me if I said they cost less than $.50 to make? It’s true! These Duck Tape Earrings are easy to create with Kidney Loop Wires.

The easy how to:

Take your Duck Tape and fold it so there are two sides with the design on them and no stickyness is present. Take a paper punch and punch out one or two designs. Really, you can layer as many as you would like!

Take a small hole punch and punch the top of the design where you want the earring to loop in.


These are that easy and when I wore them, people didn’t even know they were duck tape until I told them!

What projects have you made out of Duck Tape lately?

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  1. Those are Fabulous!

    I would have never guessed either.

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