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DIY Cake Plate Stand

Have you seen these cute DIY cake plates that everyone is creating? I seem to be one of the last to do it but I finally did it! I created this Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas) cake plate stand for my cousin’s daughter’s birthday. It was actually pretty easy to do and it only cost me about $2 thanks to Goodwill! I found a clear plate and a candle stick holder there. Since I wasn’t sure the best way to mod podge the plate, I found this great tutorial featured on done by Pretty Handy Girl! Check it out here:

Project: DIY Cake Plate Stand

Time: 30 minutes to create, 1 day to dry


Candle Stick Holder

Clear Plate

Scrapbook Paper + Die Cuts, Stickers, etc


Sparkle Mod Podge

E6000 glue


For the Plate:

Wash the plate and candle holder so that there are no smudges or dirt present. Trace the outside of the plate by flipping it over and placing the paper on it so you also get the bottom of the plate. Once it’s cut, take and cut about 3 inch slits around it, starting with 4 slits, then 8. Once your paper is ready, take the bottom of the plate and cover with Sparkle Mod Podge (you don’t have to make it sparkle, that is my preference). Let it dry then take the Mod Podge again (either glossy or sparkle) and coat it well while constantly smoothing it out and allowing the cuts to slightly overlap giving it a finished look. Be sure to thoroughly cover the paper onto the plate.

For the stand:

Take a paint of your choice ( I prefer the Gloss Enamels by Americana, works on wood and glass) and cover the candle holder with two coats. Once it’s dried, use a glaze or Mod Podge.

Once both pieces are dry, take the E6000 glue and adhere the candle holder onto the bottom of the plate.

A few tips:

Be sure to not get any Mod Podge on the top of the plate as it is not food safe.

Do not wash it, just wipe it down the top with a wet rag.

Be careful not to put too much weight on the plate portion.


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  1. This is darling! Where did you find the Jack Skellington paper?

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