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Me and my fabulous roomies!!

Me, Sara from, Jessa from, Katie from, Amy from and Joanna from

Here is my photo recap of SNAP! I’m sharing all that I documented on my travels through my cell phone and camera.

A more in depth, less picture heavy post to come!

Katie made this for our hotel door!!


It all started at 3:30 in the morning to get out of the house and to the airport.

Love notes for Brian throughout the house before leaving out the door.
On the road by 5 AM to get Sara from

A little bit of frisking action at the airport for Sara. Hahaha I couldn’t help but take this picture (I hope she doesn’t hate me for posting it).

Leaving Phoenix, see ya!
On our way with Sara and Katie from I’ll give you one guess as to which pair of shoes are mine ;)

In the air, on our way!

Landed. What’s that, snow??

In and Out stop on our way in the rented Mini Van. Yummmm.

The tulip festival was so much fun. This is us on the first day doing our photos of the tulips. It was absolutely beautiful. You can’t get that in Phoenix. We have gardens of cactus.

Sara from MomEndeavors, so cute and pregnant!
Also at the Tulip festival, we took product shots for Amy’s handmade business at She makes these cute Boot Socks and other fabulous things.

Jessa from, me and Sara from getting our home photo on at the sponsor booth.


Chocolate dippings, yummm! Thanks Velata!

Cheryl from speaking to us on Friday morning about her accomplishments and her ability to overcome obstacles to be where she is today.
Highlight of SNAP, meeting Ashley from She is such an inspiring woman, unbelievably awesome. I highly encourage you to read her Cancer Chronicles if you haven’t yet and support her Choose Joy campaign.
Another highlight of SNAP!! Getting a mini massage from Kim at Yes. Pure awesomeness.

I would be lying if I said the food was not a highlight but it was so yummy. It deserves a highlight. Pretty sure I gained a few pounds on this trip.


On Friday night we did the Queen Bee Market, lots of beautiful items and boy do women love pretty things, this place was PACKED! I got a lot of baking and party items.


There were some fabulous panels on Saturday, DIY sessions all around including this one about getting personal with these inspiring women:

Becky from

Rhoda from

Traci from

Char from

Ending it all with a dance party on Saturday evening. Fun times!!

This photo is a lot of the fabulous AZ Girls in the SLC airport hanging before our flights. We look tired, yes??

Roll call, left to right!

Joanna from

Kristy from

JamieLyn from

Katie from

Kelli from

Sara from

Amy from


Kristyn from

Fate is shown here. When we got to the airport Katie who had a later flight was able to upgrade her flight to fly with us. When she did her automatic checkout, it literally spit out a ticket where she was sitting right next to us. Fate!

Going home. Goodbye beautiful SLC.


Side Notes: If you saw me with this:

This was made by Laura from the lovely It is my Kindle cover and I believe she said she will be making them and selling them. Love mine because it’s durable and soft and also has pockets inside.
This photo was taken by Katie from Her and Sara were so awesome to take headshots of me and my roomies. She did such a great job!! Thanks, Katie!!!
More to come!


  5 Responses to “Oh Snap ~ A picture recap of #SnapConf!”

  1. Cuteness! I LOVE the headshot. Katie’s so talented. Excited to see you crazy Arizonans next year? (Arizonians? Arizonites?)

  2. Hahaha! Love this! :) I need some of those photos!!! :)
    It was so fun hanging out with you the whole time! I’m so glad you ended up coming!

    • Thank you for being my best bud at Snap, Sara! We make a great team ;) Let me know what pictures you want and I can send them or you can just steal them from here!

  3. Hey, awesome Arizona girl,

    I am so super glad that I finally got to meet you in person at SNAP! You are so fun and so adorable! Love all your pics! :)

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