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DIY Curling Ribbon Jar Organizer

I have an obsession with curling ribbon but find it always gets tangled or unraveled in my storage boxes of ribbons. I came up with an easy solution that really only takes seconds except I of course had to paint the lid to make it pretty so it took a bit longer.

Project: Curling Ribbon Storage Jar

Time: 60 seconds to 1 hour if painted


  • Half pint mason jar, I found these at Goodwill for under $.50
  • Crop-A-Dile Punch
  • Paint for the metal lid and band
  • Sparkle Mod Podge
  • Glaze to prevent the paint from scratching off


  • Paint lid and band seperately if desired with two coats of an enamel based acrylic paint.
  • Seal the paint with a gloss/glaze. I used Detla Ceramcoat Sparkle Glaze and was hoping for a lot of sparkle but was extremely disappointed, as you can see it barely sparkles. After the comparison, I prefer Mod Podge Sparkle which I have only found online but is definitely worth it, pssst you can get it here: Sparkle Mod Podge
  • Once dried, take the Crop-A-Dile and punch 3 holes evenly across the lid. I used the smaller hole punch but then went back and used the bigger one because the ribbon fed better through the larger hole. The punch easily made these holes but if you don’t have one, you could bust out the drill which is always fun. I do recommend getting the Crop-A-Dile though, I couldn’t live without it.
  • Place 3 ribbon spools in the jar and thread each color through.

Done! I plan on doing this with all of my colors and displaying them near my gift wrap in my office.

How do you organize your ribbons?

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  1. Love this! I always just stuff the ribbon in a bin, then have to untangle it. This is so much more convenient and takes up less space.

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