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Recently I attended an event at the Fry’s Food Store at Tatum and Shea with other bloggers where we got to experience live cooking demos from the creators of Freschef. Freschef is a dinner kit solely sold at Fry’s that are 2 serving meals made from fresh ingredients that can be cooked and completed in around 20 – 25 minutes minutes.

These kits retail for about $9.99-$15.99 at Fry ‘s stores. The prices seemed a little high and I was a little hesitant when I heard about these meals. As a mom who lives on a strict food budget, it was a little much to pay per person. It wasn’t until I watched the demo, saw how much dinner it actually made and tasted the meals did I want to try some more!

The owner of Freschef, Gayelyn Bates, graciously showed us how easy each of these meals were to make. What I liked was this mom was passionate about her product and I could tell she put 100% into making sure these meals are top notch.  Here are a few photos of our experience:



I took a couple home and that night I made the Apple Ginger Pork Loin. Brian wasn’t hungry so I made it for me and the kids and let me tell you, the size was perfect to feed the 3 of us. I’m one of those people that also isn’t sold until I try it myself. So I took everything out of the package, laid it out and started cooking. I timed from the time I opened the package to when it was on the plate and it was only 20 minutes.  The most exciting thing though was the fact that my kids ate everything. Including the green beans. Sure, not a big deal except my daughter HATES green beans and I can never get her to eat them. She didn’t even question them, she ate them up.

2 days later, I went to my mom’s house with the Coconut Chicken Freschef meal. My mom had surgery the day before and wasn’t feeling up to cooking (I don’t blame her). So I went over during the afternoon and prepped it for her, lined a pan with foil for easy clean up then covered it up. I left her the instructions and all she had to do was put the dinner in the oven. It was so easy and that night I got a text from my mom AND my dad saying that the meal was extremely delicious. I didn’t tell them it was effortless, I took the credit! What I loved was my mom could enjoy dinner even after a surgery. It was something she could have actually done completely except I wanted to help. I have often participated in mom’s groups where we made meals for new moms, these meals would be perfect for such occasion!

What I enjoyed about Freschef:

  • The meals are fresh! All the ingredients are local and never frozen.
  • They are all prepped and ready to go. I love cooking but I also need a break sometimes so the fact that everything is seasoned and ready to go is awesome.
  • Healthy! Forget driving through somewhere, if I could spend $10 on a meal for me and the kids that’s much healthier and cheaper than driving through somewhere.
  • Easy easy easy! Brian made one of the meals on our date night last weekend and was done within 20 minutes. I think my 11 year old daughter could even do it! You know that Dr. Pepper commercial where they say it’s not for women? Well let’s say these are so easy a man could do it! Ha!

The lovely people at Freschef have provided their Facebook fans with a coupon which you can find on their page:

I was not asked to post a review but wanted to. In fact, a few days after the demo I went to a Fry’s store looking for Freshchef with the intent on buying more for my mom and that store didn’t carry them. Bummer. But I did find a list of stores that do carry these dinners:

Hopefully more stores will carry them soon!

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