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This year, I definitely want to help organize the kids a little more especially when it comes to chores. Usually I just write them down on a piece of paper but I would like to implement a system where they would know to check a board every day and they can cross it off themselves. This will help me from constantly reminding them and hopefully they will develop that accountability to do it on their own. I am still deciding on what to do for a chore chart so  I went where I always go to find some inspiration and motivation….Pinterest!


Here is what I found:

This one is a printable (free) from Gennifer at where she is offering this simple yet colorful printable chore chart for download. I like that you can add your own chores to change it up once in a while. It would be a good one to print and put behind a picture frame to turn it into a dry erase board like this next one…….

Marni from shares a way to make a dry erase board chore chart using vinyl printing and fabric.




Jenise at how to make this colorful one out of felt! This one is one kids could also be involved in helping create.

Another one that the kids could help with and looks pretty easy is this one:



Mique from shares how to make chore sticks. It’s easy and the kids can help by coloring them and writing down the chores. All you need is markers or paint, wide Popsicle sticks and mason jars! When the kids are done, they flip the chore stick!

I’m a sucker for magnet boards and love this one from Unfortunately though when you go on that first link, it comes up as a missing post but the second link is a magnetic chore chart, minus the pictures.   


Here is another magnet board brought to you from Katie at  where she has made this chart color coded and after printing the chores, adhered them to recycled magnets (from business cards). shares how to turn a dollar store cookie sheet into a chore chart.  Genius!

If you are looking for an easy way to make a magnetic chore board…..



Preschool Chore Cards 2 shares these printable charts for chores. You can print out these images and turn them into magnets, then placing them on a magnetic surface under the kids names.


What do you do in your house to organize chores between everyone?

  4 Responses to “Clever Inspiration: Chore Charts for Kids”

  1. Thanks Sara! I have been looking for a chore chart that I like for a while now. I really like the idea of the popsicle sticks so we may give that one a go!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my chore chart! We have LOVED it and it works so well! :)

  3. I took a look at the site for the magnetic chore chart and found this post.

    Not sure if that’s the right one since the images are missing but thought I’d share.

    Thanks for this round up.

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