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My smartphone is one of my best friends, always there when I need it and has so much to offer. One of the reasons I love my phone is because of the apps I can download in the marketplace. I have found many apps that help me save money on the go. The apps below are all free and downloadable in the iPhone or Android market.

Gas Buddy:
This app finds my location and locates the cheapest gas per gallon. Want to find a cheaper gas in another location? Just enter the zip code on the first page of the app, this is most helpful for us when we drive to California.
This app allows me not only to shop on, but I can scan a barcode from wherever I am at. This is great when I am out shopping for a higher priced such as a Wii game or printer and I want to see if there is a better price available through Amazon.
Kids Eat Free (iPhone) Kids Eat For (Android)
After work, PTA meetings and running errands, sometimes the last thing I want to do is cook. Relieving the pressure of having to make dinner by eating out, especially when the kids get to eat for free makes this mom happy! This app pulls your location and tells you what restaurants are featuring kids eat for free or for a discount.
AAA Discounts:
If you are a member of AAA, I highly recommend this app. This app finds my location and tells me discounts available right near me from coffee to fixing my computer. Saving is easy, just show the business your AAA card!
This app allows me to save money at my favorite stores without having to pick up an ad. It contains a large database of coupons and pulls your location to tell you what the best deals are around you. From dining out to getting the tires changed on my car, this app is a great money saver.
I like to use this app when I’m out and about and want to find somewhere that is offering an incentive if I “check in” to the business. After the app pulls my location, it lets me know how many specials are near by. Recently I used this app to get 10% off my entire purchase at Payless.
My keys seemed to weigh more than my youngest child with all of the loyalty cards I had carried around until I downloaded CardStar. CardStar allows you to input all of your cards into one app, then creating a barcode for each one that a cashier can scan. This is a lot safer than giving out your phone number to the cashier, trust me on this one because one time, I had a stranger call my phone after seeing me at the store and writing down my phone number when I verbally gave it to a cashier.
Grocery IQ:
This is a great tool to use before I even go to the store. You can create a list by either typing in the name of the items or by scanning the barcode. This is great if I am running out of something and I need to get more, I just scan and then use my list at the store. This app also allows you to sort through digital coupons, then email them to yourself so you can print them. If you have a Safeway card, you can load coupons onto your card from this app. It also allows you to sort your list by aisles or send your list to someone else.
While I clip coupons at home, it’s nice to be able to have the luxury of not having to print or clip coupons for the grocery store. Cellfire allows me to click the coupons I want and then load them onto my Fry’s VIP card. This is also great if I didn’t have time to clip coupons because I can find items on sale in the store and check this app to see if I can download a coupon for additional savings.

Garage Sale Rover:
Our Saturday morning ritual consists of goi
ng out for donuts or bagels and then hitting a few garage sales. Because I like my Saturdays to be computer free after being attached to one all week for work, the Garage Sale Rover app is great for me. It finds my location and then intergrates yardsales posted on websites such as craigslist into a map.

What are your favorite money saving apps?

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