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How to have a successful yard sale ~ 15 tips!

The summer is over and not only is cooler weather here but the holidays are right around the corner! Some of us need to get rid of stuff because we might need to make room for some holiday presents or decor. Others may need to get rid of a few items to make a little extra cash for the holidays.

Here are a few tips to have a successful yard sale and make some cash:

Sell on ideal yard sale days ~ I read that Fridays are actually the best day to have a yard sale. Why? Because people are running errands and going to work. Since there is more traffic out, Fridays tend to be great sale days! Saturdays are the second best day because people are usually out shopping. While Sunday is a weekend day, most people are enjoying being at home or are at church so this day might not be ideal.

Have a “FREE” box ~ Place a box of trinkets, toys, gadgets and small housewares that you are willing to part with in a box marked FREE! This is an “eye catcher” to draw people in.

Set up curb appeal ~ If you have an item that will be highly desired such as furniture or a collectible, place it towards the front of the sale. This is another “eye catcher” to draw people in and will have them exit their car.

Price your items ~ Don’t leave your customers on the fence about an item. People are somewhat intimidated by yard sales and if they don’t see a price, they will probably not ask.

Let’s make a deal ~ Have a “gimmick” such as 3 pairs of shoes for $5 or fill a bag for $5.00. This will make the customer buy more and helps you get rid of stuff quicker!

Mark it down ~ this may seem sneaky but when you write a price on a paper or tag, put a high price on it first. Then X it out and mark it at what you want to sell it so they can still see it but it gives the illusion that you are actually settling for less.

Involve kids ~ Whether it is a lemonade stand or selling toys, people love helping kids to be little entrepreneurs.

Serve refreshments ~ When we’ve had yard sales, I am actually surprised at the number of people that will actually stop for our “bake” sale only, but then do decide to shop around once out of the car. People do work up an appetite and thirst shopping!

Get the word out ~ Utilize free sites such as local classifieds to let buyers know of the when, wher and what of your yard sale.

Signage ~ Think bright, big, bold and sturdy! If your house is a little complicated to get to, make sure there are arrows marking a path to your house. By the way, remember to take your sign down when you are done! Make it legible and be sure the address is on it!

Get your neighbors in on it ~ Multi Family yard sales will attract more customers because people will get out to walk around at a few rather just one sale.

Create convenience ~ Put your items on tables rather putting them on the ground. Customers do not really want to bend over to go through things, create comfort and easy access to your items. If you are able to, hang your clothes up to make them stand out more. Customers can get messy, be sure to keep your yard sale tidy and organized. If you have many “like” items such as Christmas Decor, make sure you group it all together.

At the end of the day, mark it down ~ If your end goal after your yard sale is to take the remainder of your items to Goodwill, consider just marking your items to half off or a certain price such as $1.00. This will be less for you to put away and take somewhere and you still make money.

Engage your customer ~ Wave to them as they slow down, say hello as soon as they step foot on your driveway and tell them your current specials. Friendliness puts the customer in a relaxing spending mode.

Have your yard sales ~ in your yard ~ do not make your customer go inside your house or in your back yard, it is slightly uninviting and may seem awkward.

**Make sure you check with your city laws and or HOA rules to ensure you will have minimal issues during your sale.

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