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Star Wars Valentines
The force is strong with these printable Star Wars Valentines. These feature the death star as a heart and also features a fun saying to match. Kids and even adults can color the hearts!

Star Wars Printable Valentines
I also have Star Wars coloring bookmarks that you can print!

Star Wars Valentines
Star Wars Valentines

These printable valentines and bookmarks are easy and inexpensive!

Printable Coloring Star Wars Valentines

ย Star Wars Printable Valentines

What you’ll need (shop via Amazon by clicking on the links):

Print the valentines here: Star Wars Death Star Valentines

Print the bookmarks here: Star Wars Death Star Bookmarks


Simply cut these Valentines and tape a crayon with washi tape to them. These Valentines should take about 10 minutes to make and costs less than $5!

Star Wars Printable Valentine Bookmarks


Star Wars BB-8 Coloring Page ~ A FREE Printable!16 more days. 16 more days until the newest Star Wars film; The Force Awakens, is released. We bought our tickets almost two months ago and we can’t wait to see it! The adult coloring pages are all the rage right now and I think it’s brilliant! I’ve always loved coloring in my kids coloring books and I doodle every chance I have a pen and paper.

Hopefully you are reading this and are equally excited about the new Star Wars movie and coloring pages because today I have a FUN printable coloring page for you!

Click the image or link below to download the coloring page!

Printable Star Wars BB-8 Coloring Page
BB-8 Star Wars Coloring Page

A BIG thank you to Michelle at Peasy Pea for creating this printable. Visit her Etsy site to find more Star Wars coloring pages!

Printable Easter Countdown

Looking for a printable countdown for Easter to add to your mantle? If your kids are like mine, no matter how many times I say the date of Easter, they still ask me when Easter is. I made this printable that you could put on your mantel in a glass frame and put the countdown on with a dry erase marker.

Print this printable Easter countdown by clicking the link here:ย

This will print out as an 8X10 portrait.


Need a quick Valentine for your kids? These are perfect to print and feature with chocolate cars! Below are the free printables I made for the cars. To stick them on, all I did was roll a little bit of scotch tape under the cars.

When I found these chocolate cars, I was pretty excited because I knew they would make perfect Valentines.

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

To Print: Click on the image below and then click CTRL+P or COMMAND + P


you make My Heart Race Free Printable

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

I bought the chocolate cars at the $.99 cents only store.






Donut Sugar Cookies for Valentines (includes a Valentine's Day Printable)

Having a teenage girl means every day there is something new that sparks her interest. I was trying to come up with a good hand crafted Valentine she could give out and I remembered, she loves cute sweet treat icons like donuts, ice cream etc. I decided to make these treat themed sugar cookies.

Sweet Treat Cookies for Valentine's Day

This idea sparked from my recent adventures at the Bash conference where I found myself among some really talented ladies (and gentleman). This conference inspired me to get more creative with my crafts and recipes for the blog. So much so that I figured that I could decorate some sugar cookies with some pretty frosting.

Donut Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day with Printable!

I made these cookies and they came out great but nothing like some of these Cookie Gurus. Cookie making is actually harder than one thinks when you have to actually think about what the end result will look like.

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