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Printable Easter Countdown

Looking for a printable countdown for Easter to add to your mantle? If your kids are like mine, no matter how many times I say the date of Easter, they still ask me when Easter is. I made this printable that you could put on your mantel in a glass frame and put the countdown on with a dry erase marker.

Print this printable Easter countdown by clicking the link here:

This will print out as an 8X10 portrait.


Need a quick Valentine for your kids? These are perfect to print and feature with chocolate cars! Below are the free printables I made for the cars. To stick them on, all I did was roll a little bit of scotch tape under the cars.

When I found these chocolate cars, I was pretty excited because I knew they would make perfect Valentines.

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

To Print: Click on the image below and then click CTRL+P or COMMAND + P


you make My Heart Race Free Printable

You Make My Heart Race Valentines Printables

I bought the chocolate cars at the $.99 cents only store.






Donut Sugar Cookies for Valentines (includes a Valentine's Day Printable)

Having a teenage girl means every day there is something new that sparks her interest. I was trying to come up with a good hand crafted Valentine she could give out and I remembered, she loves cute sweet treat icons like donuts, ice cream etc. I decided to make these treat themed sugar cookies.

Sweet Treat Cookies for Valentine's Day

This idea sparked from my recent adventures at the Bash conference where I found myself among some really talented ladies (and gentleman). This conference inspired me to get more creative with my crafts and recipes for the blog. So much so that I figured that I could decorate some sugar cookies with some pretty frosting.

Donut Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day with Printable!

I made these cookies and they came out great but nothing like some of these Cookie Gurus. Cookie making is actually harder than one thinks when you have to actually think about what the end result will look like.

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A very important part of having a blog is having a plan. Today I am sharing my printable blog planner and tools!

Click on this folder link to access everything in my folder.

Please note that I am sharing copies of what I use. You are welcome to make copies but I do ask that you do not share or sell this work. You can direct people to my blog if you wish and for that, I am grateful! Okay onto the good stuff!

2014 Printable Blog Planner

2014 Blog Planner Printable

This is a pretty basic planner but if you print them out and keep it in your binder, it will be helpful!

In my blog planner:

  • Goals ~ One of the main reasons of a planner is to plan ahead.
  • Contacts ~ Keep track of your prime contacts.
  • Link Parties ~ Keep track of where you link to most often.
  • Logins ~ Keep track of logins and passwords.
  • Analytics ~ Keep track of your monthly pageviews and your top referral sites.

 Blog Income & Expense Tracker w/ Taxes & Savings Calculations

A blog income and expense tracker that you can input your earned income into and it will calculate savings and taxes.

One of my favorite tools is my income and expense tracker. The first tab helps me keep track of payments I am owed for commitments on my blog. The second tab is taxes and savings. This is where I can input the money I make then it automatically calculates what I need to put aside for taxes and what I need to save. The last tab keeps track of the money I spend on things like conferences and tools for blogging.

Editorial Calendar

Google Doc Editorial Calendar for the blog

This is pretty simple, it is an editorial calendar to keep track of what I am doing each day. It helps me plan to make sure that I don’t fall short of content as well!

The last thing I am sharing in this folder is my media kit. This is  slightly outdated but it gives a good example of my layout. I personally love having mine in Google docs because I can easily share it and edit it when needed.

Not sure how to make a copy of these Google Docs?

  1. Click on “File”
  2. Click on “Make Copy”
  3. Save to your Google Docs then edit as needed

Win a FROZEN Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & $75 Amazon Gift Card.

 GIVEAWAY OVER! Find my review of the Frozen Movie here:

Welcome to the FROZEN Family Movie Night & Shopping Spree Giveaway!  We’re joining together to give our readers the chance to own the Disney animated hit FROZEN and take their family on a virtual shopping spree.  One winner will receive a $75 Amazon gift card and a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy of FROZEN the day it releases, 3/18. 

Make movie night just a little more fun with these printable Frozen Bingo game cards! There are two varieties, one with pics for those not reading just yet and one for those who can read!
Every time you see a character for the first time, circle or “X” it out! First one at 3 in a row, wins!
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