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Star Wars Valentines
The force is strong with these printable Star Wars Valentines. These feature the death star as a heart and also features a fun saying to match. Kids and even adults can color the hearts!

Star Wars Printable Valentines
I also have Star Wars coloring bookmarks that you can print!

Star Wars Valentines
Star Wars Valentines

These printable valentines and bookmarks are easy and inexpensive!

Printable Coloring Star Wars Valentines

 Star Wars Printable Valentines

What you’ll need (shop via Amazon by clicking on the links):

Print the valentines here: Star Wars Death Star Valentines

Print the bookmarks here: Star Wars Death Star Bookmarks


Simply cut these Valentines and tape a crayon with washi tape to them. These Valentines should take about 10 minutes to make and costs less than $5!

Star Wars Printable Valentine Bookmarks


 *Affiliate links are below but these are truly all my thoughts of love for Amazon Prime.13+ reasons to get Amazon Prime and how to maximize all your benefits with Amazon Prime. See how it pays for itself!

Today I am writing a little ode to the one site that saved my holiday. I’ve actually relied on Amazon Prime for a few years now during the holidays. This is the easiest way to save money, time and sanity! But not just around the holidays. Amazon Prime is perfect for all year round and it’s more than just shipping. Below, I break down the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

Yes, undeniably so! This is coming from someone who is just too frugal to pay for the extras in life such as cable!

Prime is only $99 annually. When you break out an annual subscription to Amazon Prime, it’s only $8.25 a month. For all of the benefits that Amazon Prime offers, it’s well worth it! Even if you only used it for shipping benefits and purchases just 2 things a month, at an average of $4.99 shipping, it already pays for itself.

Below is my list why Amazon Prime is one of my favorite things on the internet.

Reasons to Get Amazon Prime:

    1. FREE 2 day shipping: This is by far the number one reason to get Amazon Prime. With this, you can order essentially anything available on prime no matter how big or small, and get it for free in 2 days. Most things are offered with guaranteed 48 hour delivery. I always go to Amazon first when I am looking for something to purchase and often times, it’s the best deal. Combining the best deal with free 2 day shipping is definitely a win win situation.
    2. Prime Music: Don’t bother with Pandora anymore, you can stream most digital albums and singles on Prime. You can even access playlists inspired by your favorite artists, for free! If you haven’t heard, Beatles was released on Prime Music. THIS is a big deal!
    3. Prime Movies and TV: Give your Netflix a break and try out Amazon Prime movies and TV. We gave up cable about 2 years ago and haven’t regretted it since. While Netflix does have it’s own movies and shows, Prime offers quite a bit of the same movies and shows that Netflix does. Plus Amazon Prime has it’s own shows and exclusive movies.Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial
    4. No Rush Shipping Incentives: If you don’t need your items in 2 days, you can often select no rush shipping and receive a credit for digital movies & music or Prime pantry credits. I did this during the holidays and acquired quite a few digital credits. I was able to then purchase a few of my favorite holiday movies for free with these credits.
    5. Free apps: There seems to be quite a few offers for free apps from Amazon. In fact, they claim to offer $10,o00 in FREE app downloads when you go through the Amazon app.
    6. Prime Now: Need it an hour? Prime now is a new service in major metropolitan areas where you can order some of your favorite essentials and have them to your doorstep in an hour. They say they are updating new delivery areas, daily.
    7. Free Cloud Storage for Photos: Backup your photos on these free unlimited cloud storage. Even Apple and Google have limits on the download storage.
    8. Kindle Lending Library: Check out a free book every month if you own a Kindle reading device. You can get a device for as low as $39.99!
    9. Kindle First: This is another benefit for Kindle owners where those who own a device can check out a pre-released book for free.
    10. Video Subscription Services: As I said earlier, we don’t have cable. However, Amazon just released an option to subscribe to certain cable channels such as Showtime and STARZ. We are a movie loving family so we were excited to see that we could subscribe to STARZ for only $8.99 a month. Even with the cost of Amazon Prime per month if you broke it out over 12 months and added STARZ, that is only $17.24 a month. This is much cheaper than cable and you have access to hundreds of movies and shows with both Prime and STARZ.
    11. Prime Pantry: This is an easy way to deliver non perishable foods and household items such as laundry soap and toilet paper, right to your doorstep. The cost is $5.99 per order but you can fill up a very large box and often get credits for pantry boxes when you order on Amazon.
    12. Prime Exclusive Coupons: When you are shopping Prime Pantry, you can also utilize exclusive coupons that will be taken off automatically.
    13. Prime Early Access: Prime members have access to Prime only deals and they also receive early access to deals offered on Amazon.

Extra benefits:

Amazon App: Have access to everything Amazon Prime right at your fingertips. When I remember something I need to purchase I can easily log onto the app and place my order to be here in 2 days. The app also features access to free phone apps and deals.

  • Underground Apps: Click on this to access apps that normally have a fee, for free!
  • Deals: Check out today’s deals along with upcoming deals where you can “watch” deals you select and you will get a notification right before your deal starts.

Amazon Echo: I just received one of these as a gift recently and I really like it! Essentially it’s a pretty awesome speaker but it’s so much more!

  • Bluetooth Speaker: This device allows you to stream Prime Music and music from your digital library. You just tell the Echo what you want to hear and the speaker will play it for you. You can also use voice commands to skip songs, favorite them and even turn up the music.
  • Add items to your Amazon Lists: Let the Echo know what you want to have on your list or even order from Amazon and the Echo will help you!
  • Control lights and switches with your Echo if you have one of the smart light setups.
  • Ask it questions and she (yes, the Echo is a woman named Alexa) will tell you as much as she knows. You can ask her the weather, about traffic and you can even ask her to tell you a joke.

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, get Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Eggnog Trifle

 The holidays are almost over but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some last minute treats. This easy Eggnog Trifle recipe is a perfect treat to serve during Christmas time. I was recently sent a couple of coupons for Shamrock Farms Holiday Eggnog and I knew I wanted to use the eggnog to make a delicious dessert. Shamrock farms is local to Phoenix and we’ve always loved their eggnog. We probably buy at least 10 large bottles each Christmas. The eggnog combined with the vanilla pudding and the gingerbread makes this the ultimate dessert. Plus it’s perfect to make right before your holiday party!

Eggnog Trifle

These eggnog trifles only take about 10 minutes to make these treats if you already have the whipped cream whipped up and the gingerbread made. If you need a gingerbread recipe you can make this one or just buy a box in store and whip it up! I love serving them in mason jars because then you can easily make them single serving sized. You can also double the recipe size and serve them in a trifle dish.


Eggnog Trifle Recipe

Serves 3-4
Cook time 10 minutes
Meal type Dessert
Misc Serve Cold
Occasion Christmas
This eggnog trifle is easy to make and is a perfect dessert to serve during the holidays. The mason jars make these perfect for single servings.


  • box Vanilla Instant Pudding (5 ounces)
  • 3 cups Eggnog
  • 1 Gingerbread Cake or Loaf
  • 3-5 Gingerbread Cookies
  • 5 cups Whipped Cream
  • 1 tablespoon Nutmeg


Step 1
Whip the instant pudding with the eggnog for approximately 3-4 minutes.
Step 2
Line the bottom of the mason jars or trifle dish with gingerbread cake or loves that have been cut into cubes.
Step 3
For the next layer add the eggnog pudding mixture.
Step 4
Next layer will be whipped cream, then repeat until full to the top.
Step 5
Top the desserts with whipped cream, gingerbread cookies and nutmeg.

For the topping, you can omit the nutmeg or do another holiday spice such as allspice or pumpkin pie spice.

Eggnog Trifle



Disneyland Holiday Tips ~ Make sure your trip to the happiest place on earth is enjoyable for everyone. Tips for avoiding crowds, where to go for quiet times and more!

It’s no secret that we love Disney and visiting the parks. However, Disneyland during the holidays is one of our favorite things to do. We went to the parks just recently and had an amazing time. I love seeing all of the decor and enjoying the treats. It’s just a magical time to visit Disneyland. If you have a trip planned over the holidays, I wanted to share a few tips with you that helped us during our visit. These two weeks during the holidays are the busiest the parks will see so know it will be crowded but can still be a LOT of fun!

Tips for visiting Disneyland During the Holidays

  • Download the Disneyland app. I can’t speak enough about how helpful the Disneyland app is. You can do the following:
    • Find out ride wait times
    • Find the closest bathroom
    • Show and parade times
    • Search where your favorite character is just by typing in their name
    • Find the restaurants and links to make table reservations
  • Get your fast passes first thing in the morning! With the crowds, most of these are guaranteed to be out before noon. If you wait in line for some of these the wait times can get up to 2 hours! With a fast pass, your wait is usually less than 20 minutes if that.
    • Rides to get your fast passes ASAP:
      • Radiator Racers
      • World of Color show (See the Winter Dreams show!)
      • Hyperspace Mountain
      • Indiana Jones
      • Star Tours
      • Haunted Mansion
      • Splash Mountain
  • Reserve your dining tables before you go! The lines to eat at the restaurants and even the carts were long. We waited probably 45 minutes just at the Jolly Roger for a quick breakfast. Remember to bring snacks for in between meals!
  • Avoid peak times if possible. We did everything in the AM and in the later afternoon and evening when it seemed to be most crowded. It will be VERY crowded in lines and walking in between the lands. On the peak times we did some more low key things.
  • Must sees during the holiday time:
    • The big trees in both Disneyland and California Adventure.
    • Small World at night is spectacular!
    • Sleeping Beauty’s castle looks dazzling in the evening as the diamonds for 60th anniversary and the lights sparkle on the castle.
    • Haunted Mansion ~ see Jack Skellington and enjoy a fun tour of the mansion with it decorated by Jack and his friends!
    • Cars Land ~ See all the houses and trees decorated for the holidays!
    • Winter Dreams World of Color show ~ Olaf presents a fun and beautiful show that will make every heart melt for the holidays.
    • Olaf’s Snow Fest ~ Meet Olaf and play in the snow and even do some sledding! Parents can play too!
    • Santa! He’s over at Disney’s California Adventure.
    • A Christmas Fantasy Parade
    • Jingle cruise ~ The Jungle Cruise takes you on the adventures of finding where their holiday shipments went.
  • Find your holiday treats early, they may sell out fast! I personally love the gingerbread Mickey Mouses!
  • Need a break? Head on over to some places that do shows that aren’t overly crowded like Mickey’s Magical Map, the Good Dinosaur (Bug’s Life Theater) and Path of the Jedi. Also find a bench near the outskirts of the park or a table in one of the bigger outdoor seating areas. I think it’s important to take breaks during the visits during the holidays because it can get very crowded which can be stressful and even draining. We sat down and just enjoyed watching others and enjoyed our holiday treats.

Quick and Easy Christmas Gift; Redbox Giftcard, Coca-Cola Reindeer, Candy, Popcorn and Hot Cocoa!

It’s crunch time. In one week Christmas will be here! If you are looking for a quick and easy gift that is perfect for neighbors, teachers and co workers, this gift is perfect. Give the gift on a movie night in with a bucket full of goodies!

This easy DIY Christmas Gift costs less than $10 and takes less than 10 minutes to make.

What’s inside:
Hot Chocolate
Coca Cola Glass Bottles
Redbox Giftcard
Candy Canes

Coca-Cola Reindeer

If you want to dress up your glass Coca-Cola bottles, all you need is red pom-poms, googley eyes and brown pipe cleaners.

There are two different types of Redbox gifts you can purchase, you can purchase a card with a denomination or you can buy single codes. The single codes are great for sharing as random acts of kindness at Redbox machines.

Redbox Giftcard Printable

Redbox Giftcard Printable

You can print these printable Redbox giftcards 2 to a page by clicking on these links:

1 Free Rental Redbox Printable

Redbox Giftcard Printable 

You can also add one of these fun printable Christmas tags:

Free printable christmas tags

Print it via this doc for 8 tags to a page:

Printable Christmas Tags

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