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8 Reasons to Visit Disneyland at Halloween Time!

Have you visited Disneyland during Halloween? During the month of October, you can find the park full of Halloween decor like pumpkins and treats!

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DIY Skull Halloween Jars

Here in the Clever Household we are VERY excited that Halloween time is here. This is one of our favorite creative holidays! Clever Guy helped me create these fun party favor jars for kids. You can give them out at Halloween or use them for a party. These Skull Halloween Jars take only about 10 minutes to make and cost approximately $1 a jar. You fill them with potentially any candy but candy corns fit perfectly in these small jars.

kids halloween party favor

DIY Skull Halloween Jars


  • Washi Tape
  • Jars (I bought these small jars at Hobby Lobby for 50% off)
  • Skulls (these skulls are erasers Β from the Target dollar spot)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Candy

kids halloween party favor

How To:

  • Fill jars with candy
  • Simply hot glue the skulls to the lid
  • Decorate the lid rims with washi tape

kids halloween party favor




Candy Bouquet Sweet 16 present

Are you looking for an easy gift to make for teens? We made a couple of these candy bouquets a few weeks ago for Clever Teen’s friends. They were having Sweet 16 parties and we figured this would be a great gift to give so that they could also share the candy with their friends. One of the best things about these gifts is that they are really easy to make and of course could be inexpensive to make.

The best way to save money is to buy the candy in bulk or look for sales. If you are doing multiple bouquets you can look at Walmart, Coscto, Sam’s Club etc for packs of candy.

Sweet 16 Candy Bouquet

What you’ll need:

Swet 16 present-3

How To:

  • Line the cup or vase with styrofoam. In this gift I used an $.88 cent cup from Walmart and cut a styrofoam ball. I secured the styrofoam to the bottom with a glue gun.
  • Place a sheet of tissue paper in the cup.
  • Tape the back of the candy bars on the skewers with the clear tape.
  • Carefully stab the skewers into the bottom of the cup into the styrofoam.
  • To help secure them all together, tape the back of all of the candy together.

Candy Bouquet ~ a Sweet 16 Present



Montezuma Castle in AZ
Montezuma Castle in AZ

If you have driven north on the I-17, you have probably seen an exit for Montezuma’s Castle. This “castle” dwelling features 20 rooms and was originally habited by the Singua for around 400 years. Historians believe that the cliff dwellings could date back to 800 – 1000 years old.

Montezuma Castle AZClever Dad and I hadn’t been here in a long time but the kids actually had never been here. It’s only about an hour and a half north of Phoenix and is right off the I-17.

While you can’t get too close to see inside, it’s still an amazing site to see from below. Bring a pair of binoculars or a long lens to zoom in a bit. It’s crazy to think how they used to have people climb ladders to take a closer look until 1951.

Montezuma Castle in AZ

The way these were built are simply amazing. It was a great opportunity to talk with the kids about living today vs then.

Montezuma Castle in AZ

Along the trail there were other beautiful views like the trees and the river.

The trail is pretty easy and is completely paved. You could see Montezuma Castle in just an hour or two and even stop to rest on one of the benches or picnic tables to enjoy lunch!


If you go:

Check the hours and directions here:Β

  • Visit when the weather is a little cooler, it can be a bit hot in the Summer.
  • This is a national park so invest in the America the Beautiful pass and get into all National Parks all year round for one price!
  • Get there early, parking is limited.
  • Make this one of your stops on a road trip up to Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff etc.



Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by myself and other bloggers. There are affiliate links within this post.

BB-8 Droid Giveaway

Today for Clever Guy Friday we are giving away a super fun toy that even the adults want to play with. If you have seen the new Star Wars trailer then you have seen this cute little guy, BB8-8. Clever Guy has been sorta obsessed with the Sphero toys so when he saw this BB-8 droid Sphero, he asked when we could get it. “Can we get it tomorrow?” No. “When?” “Well maybe for Christmas”. “Christmas, that is so far away!” Well kid, they are a little pricey. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I am giving one away but he may be lucky to get one on Christmas.

Want to see what the BB-8 Sphero droid does? Check out this video:

Check out Clever Guy’s reaction to watching the BB-8 Sphero

Want to buy your own BB-8? They are now on Amazon!

Enter the BB-8 Sphero Giveaway below!

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