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Have you seen the new 3D polishes by Sally Hansen? The Fuzzy Coat is a polish that gives your nails a fabric/textile look. It almost looks like yarn! The Sugar Coat Polish looks like the nails are dipped in sugar. It has a matte look but definitely has a fun textured look. These polishes are a perfect way to transition into Summer! They come in a variety of colors and of course, I always love stocking up on Sally Hansen goodies!

Once I learned about these polishes, I had to head to Walgreens to find them. I might have been a little too eager, the first Walgreens I went to hadn’t received their shipment yet. But that is okay I went to a Walgreens down the street and found the display. I definitely had to take advantage of the awesome sales that were happening. Right now through June 29th you can receive BOGO 50% off on Insta Dri, Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat polishes. The nail art pens are also BOGO 50% off so if you have been wanting to stock up, now is the chance! Bonus, get 500 balance reward points when you buy 2 participating products. This was great because it brought my points up and I was able to save even more when I checked out! The cashier had asked me if I wanted to use my savings now and I said “you bet”!

First up was the Wool Lite Fuzzy Coat Sally Hansen Polish. I paired it with the Fuchsia Power Xtreme polish. I found it was important to use a base coat with the fuzzy coat. The reason being is it comes out kind of like a clear top coat. This polish is cool because you could set your “texture”.

If you are like me and like a subtle sprinkle look, just put on one coat over your base coat. If you love a really textured look, put on additional coats.

My next manicure I couldn’t wait to do. When I went shopping at Walgreens, I was there for about 30 minutes just in the beauty section. I probably looked peculiar as I was grabbing polishes and repeatedly saying “oohhhh”. When I saw the Whoopsy Daisy Salon Effects, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to combine it with the new Sugar Coat Sour Apple polish. I knew that this would make a perfect look for the Summer time.  I wanted to use the Sugar Coat Polish as an accent nail and and I paired it with the Salon Effects. I am in love with floral prints which I think matched perfect with the sugar coat polish. What do you think?

Of course the great thing about Sally Hansen’s innovative products is it makes my life a lot easier! The Salon Effects are nail polish strips that are already designed with trendy art. I am not artistic enough to do this kind of detail nor do I have the time. I probably have about 10 different designs! Pairing that with the eye catching textured polish allows me to have a fun and trendy manicure that I can do at home.

I really fell in love with the Sour Apple Sugar Coat polish. It’s a pretty mint color that is perfect for the Summer months. I don’t know if it is the cool 3D effect or my love of textures, maybe both but the polish itself is pretty cool. On my right hand, you can see that I used the Salon Effects as an accent and the Sugar Coat polish as the main part of the manicure. Here are my tips for using Sally Hansen Sugar Coat:

  • Start with a clean nail
  • Apply 1 thin coat, let dry
  • Apply 2nd thin coat, let dry
  • Wait. This is important because at first, it doesnt’t look like it’s doing much but as it dries, you see the texture.
  • No need for a top coat, this polish is actually sturdy enough to stand on it’s own. In fact, when I put a top coat on it kind of muted the 3 D effect.

With the BOGO deal at Walgreens, I was able to purchase the Fuzzy Coat and Sugar coat for a total of $10.50! Of course I had to get some new Insta Dri polishes. These two colors just came out and are perfect for the Summer time. I love the green one as it’s an emerald color which of course is the color of the year!

To remove the textrued polishes, you’ll want to do the foil method. Soak cotton balls in the polish remover, then take strips of foil and “bind” the soaked cotton balls onto your fingers by wrapping the foil around them and your finger nails. Leave them for about 10 minutes, then start wiping off.

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  1. I love all of these new textures! The only texture I’ve ever had is if I smudge my polish and gets all funky. I love all of the different ways to change up your nails – can’t wait to go check these out!

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