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The sound of silence sets in this morning as all of the kids are back to school, we survived the Summer! Here is the little guy on the first day, of course we were running a little late and his sister ran off to class but I had to get a picture of him on his first day!

Back to school can be expensive, between shopping for clothes to supplies to sports it can be in the thousands. Crazy, right?! My kids wear school uniforms to school so it’s a little bit trickier for us to find deals on clothes but it can be done. Last year we got some amazing deals on polos and khakis at Old Navy so when it came time for back to school shopping again, my mom and I headed back to Old Navy to pick out some new clothes for the kids.

Here are just a few items we got, polos for lil guy and the Clever tween. I despise white because it clearly shows any flaws but my son insisted on getting some white polos.

If your kids wear uniforms too, be sure to check out their sale going on for School Uniforms through the 15th of August where all Polo Shirts are only $5 and Khakis are $10! Amazing deal!

My preferred color polo, black!  I really like the quality of these polo shirts from Old Navy, they are extremely durable and lasted us the entire year last year. With I am sure over 40 washes, they all held up nicely!

The kids were beat after school shopping at ON and we only bought uniforms at Old Navy but after looking on their site, I know I will be picking up a few more things. The kids are excited they get to wear their own style shoes and accessories. The little guy will love these Skull Slip On Shoes, he loves canvas and anything skulls. Yes, when I asked my son what styles he likes he said, “Mom, anything with skulls”. Got it! I tried to get them online, unfortunately they are sold out but I am willing to drive around to my Old Navy stores to find them. It wouldn’t have been the first time I have scoped Old Navy stores for a certain pair of shoes!

Are you ready for back to school time? Here are some tips for saving money at back to school time:

  • Sign up for emails and be sure to follow social media pages for the stores you love like Old Navy to keep up with the latest deals.
  • Stalk the clearance section, often stores put their current seasons into clearance early so they can make room for next season stock.
  • Buy the Sunday paper, it’s a great way to keep up with the latest deals and comparison shop. Sometimes there are even in store coupons!
  • Consider joining a clothing swap with a local mom’s group, everyone brings their gently used clothing that their kids do not fit into any more.
What do you do to save on back to school clothes? 

On a side note, if you haven’t seen the new Old Navy commercials for back to school and you were a fan of 90210, you must see them. Seriously, awesome!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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