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This week the kids had a family friend over and they wanted to do a movie + game night.  My daughter came up with a game for the kids to play called the Silly Clown Quiz Game. A fun quiz game where kids answer questions and get a chance to throw gum into the clown’s mouth. It was a really cute game and I am glad she made it educational because the kids have been out of school for a couple months now, this keeps them on their toes!

I did a little shopping before movie/game night at Walmart. I made a list from before heading out, while I never used this before it was really easy!  While shopping, I was lucky to find a fully stocked Tri Fold Board section, usually during the school year this is sparse! Plus, for under $3 this really is a great buy.

For movie night, the kids chose to watch Bolt since it was on TV and they have pretty much watched all of the kid movies on Netflix. While the kids watched the movie, my daughter created the game!


The Silly Clown Quiz Game


How To Create:

  • Draw a clown with a pencil, freehand onto an Elmer’s Tri Fold Board.
  • Carefully cut out the mouth with an X-ACTO knfie.
  • Color the clown with 3D pens.
  • Take paper flowers and glue them as the hair, you could also use a tissue paper for a fun 3D effect.
  • Create questions on the 3X5 Index cards, easy enough for each child to answer.

How To Play:

This is Family Fued Style, the first person to buzz or in this case, raise their hands gets a chance to answer. If the person gets it right, they get a point which is marked on the board. If the person gets it wrong, the other player automatically gets to answer.

When the questions are exhausted, each person gets a gumball for each answer correct. The players will than throw their gumballs and try to make them into the clown’s mouth. The person with the most gumballs into the mouth wins!

The kids had a blast!


Keep up with Elmer’s:

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  5 Responses to “The Clever Tween: The Silly Clown Quiz Game w/ Elmer’s Tri Fold Board #GluenGlitter”

  1. What an adorable game. I can’t wait to try this with my kids!

  2. This looks like a great game and fun for the kids! I love the large selection of Tri-Fold boards at your Walmart. We didn’t have a large choice, but I want to try some of the colored boards for different projects. ;)

  3. That is so darn clever. What a fun game. Might have to try this with my kiddos!

  4. Great idea! A great way to spend family time and keep everything engaged. Love the use of the tri-fold.

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