I live in one of those cookie cutter neighborhoods, where basically all houses look the same. I wanted to add a little curb appeal before an event at my house but I needed to keep it cheap. Since flowers are an easy one,  I headed to the store immediately. Of course living in a desert landscaped house, I wasn’t sure how I would plant flowers in the ground so I looked at flower pots. Boy are flower pots expensive! Plus, none of them were really appealing. I then decided to take the clay flower pots and make them over.

This flower pot was only $8.88 at Walmart. I then went to the spray paint aisle to choose my color. I often spoil myself with spray paint. Some women get their hair done, some buy a new handbag frequently. Me? My obsession is spray paint ;)

Project: Spray Painted Flower Pots

Time: 5 minutes of painting, 2 hours of drying

Level of Difficulty: Easy/Beginner

Cost: Approx $10 (this is accounting for the amount of spray paint used)


Dual™ Paint + Primer
This was my first time using Krylon DUAL Spray Paint, I really liked it. It set in without needing much coverage and no primer. Also, I love how bright the red is!
Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze
I decided to use my Krylon Clear Glaze so when water got on it constantly, it wouldn’t stain. Glad I did, plus it made it super shiny!


I spray painted 2 coats w/ the Dual spray (allowing the first coat to dry before doing the second one)
After an hour, I coated in the glaze and let that dry. It was dry after one hour but I waited till the next day to glaze it. I then planted my flowers in my new flower pot!

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