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Safeway has kicked off their Just For  U program and I am really excited. This program takes into account, your recent previous purchases within the last 6 months. It then creates a savings database just for YOU to take advantage of based on those previous purchases. When you log into your account at, you will find your personalized coupons under “Personalized Deals”. From there, you can select the coupons you want and only those you want!

Example: Say you are like me, you buy a lot of ice cream at Safeway. You could see a coupon for ice cream in your savings center!

Why this is great for me!

I love this but I REALLY love the Safeway app. You can download these coupons to your card while you have some down time. So if you are at your child’s swim lessons or waiting for a doctor appointment, you can pull these up before you head to the store! Even better, you can do this in store! I have done this in store twice! I used to coupon all the time but now, I just don’t have time. I often forget to even look at the ad and since Safeway is my closest store, I normally just head there. While in the store (BTW, the stores have free wi-fi) I can browse my coupons quickly and add them to my card up to 5 minutes before check out! So this busy mom on the go can get in and out quickly and STILL save money! One of the best features is getting FREE eggs when you sign up which is also free! Hooray for free!

The second this I love is Best Deal Technology at the register. Every time you check out with multiple coupons (digital, manu, store etc) the register will scan ALL of your coupons, then take the ones that make it the best deal! So if you load a coupon on your card then forget and then you clip an additional coupon for that same item, the register will automatically take the best one. In the past and at other stores, the registers would automatically take the digital coupon, then reject the paper coupon. Safeway’s Best Deal technology solved that problem!

I will only see coupons personalized for me! That means instead of wading through hundreds of digital coupons that might not be suited for me, such as baby and pet coupons, I will see coupons specified to my shopping habits.

No more lost catalina coupons! Typically stores will give you coupons post checkout to use on another purchase. I liked these except usually I lost them or forgot about them by my next shopping trip.

Also, Safeway is my closest store and I find they have short lines and phenomenal customer service.


On my last trip I saved 49% just by using these Just For U coupons!

just for u categories

This program is spaced out into 3 sections:

Coupon Center ~ This is all of Safeway’s Digital Coupons, in one place

Personalized Deals ~ These are the coupons just for you, based off of your purchases. Meaning the coupons you see here will not necessarily be the coupons another person sees when they look at their deals

Your Club Specials ~ This takes what you what is on sale based on what you normally buy at Safeway and

How to utilize Just For U

  • Log into your account (or create a new one) at
  • After you register, click on Personalized Deals. This section is full of the deals that Safeway is offering YOU based on your previous purchases.
  • Click on the deals you want to load onto your card. Be mindful of the expatriation dates.
  • Click on Print/Email list so you can remember what deals you have!


  • Download the Safeway App
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Personalized deals and click the ones you want.
  • You can do this up to 5 minutes before checkout!


My favorite features:

  • I don’t normally shop with coupons so this is great for the non coupon clipper!
  • You can log into your account with just your phone number. I had an issue with another supermarket and linking my card to my online account, it was a nightmare. This was very easy.
  • I can download the coupons on the app while in the store!

Clever Pink Pirate’s Tips:

  • Check your coupons at least once a week as they switch out each week!
  • Be sure that no one else is using your phone number when they shop! They may end up taking your deals (even if they don’t know they are doing it because you loaded the coupon, they bought the item)
  • Have a list of what coupons you loaded, especially if you are like me with a short term memory.
  • Remember your stacking etiquette, you can not stack a manu and manu coupon but you can stack a manu and a store coupon.

just for u personalized savings

Have questions? Check out the FAQ’s:

Have you used it yet? What are your thoughts?

Disclosure: I was provided w/ gift cards and a thank you bag for my time. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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