A few weeks ago I was browing Pottery Barn and oohing and ahhing like I normally do and came across their Sun Jars.

I thought, those are pretty but hey, I can probably knock them off for a lot less.

So I set out to find my supplies!

Sun Jar Pottery Barn Knock Off
Outdoor Lantern Supplies:

  • Jars with attached lids (also known as preserving jars)
  • Krylon Frosted Glass Paint (found at Hobby Lobby for $7.99, used 40% off coupon of course)
  • Solar Lights (found at the dollar store, I took the stakes off that normally go in the ground)

I took the jars and washed them thoroughly, making sure not to leave any fingerprints so the frost would properly adhere to the jars.

I then took the Krylon Frosted Spray Paint and sprayed each jar with one coat, let them dry and did a second coat.

Done, that was literally it!

These are what the lanterns look like in the dark. These would look beautiful on any patio table!

Since the actual lights inside are so dark, I am sure you could paint around the solar panel for a more sunny color.

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