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This weekend we had Tyler’s birthday party with his friends. Now, his birthday is technically in June but this year we told him he could have his party during the school year since his Summer parties have low attendance because of Summer plans.

We had a Mad Science Party and the kids had so much fun. Let me rephrase that, beyond fun. They were super super excited to participate. We had experiments, a decorate your own cupcake bar, dry ice and more. I am breaking up the posts over the week so I don’t overwhelm everyone who reads the posts. I wanted to show you a little bit of what we did and of the fun and of course of Tyler in all of his mad science glory.

There was dry ice a plenty with lots of colorful beakers and flasks full of magic potion (that magic potion being water, food coloring and dry ice).

Thanks to my friend Sara at @, Tyler was able to wear this lab coat during the party. It was really cool, it was actually a Mythbusters lab coat! I tried looking in thrift stores and online but lab coats are a little pricey!

We had different tables set up with experiments This one was Polymers and it had little different experiments that involved these dry polymers and water.

We had a glow room full of black lights and a few activities that glowed! This one was where I cut open a glow stick and took the liquids out and separated them into two different tubes, then showing them the reaction when combined.

Ty had a lot of fun showing how to do experiments like this one at the Electricity Table.

One of the best things about the party for the kids? Being hands on and getting messy!!

We had activities and games set up that the kids could do before, during and after the party like this I Spy Game full of different matters.

I have learned to not stress on cakes and cupcakes, instead for Tyler’s party we have cupcake bars where the kids can decorate their own cupcakes. We had a crazy cupcake bar where the toppings ranged from bacon bits to sour gummy worms!

Of course no party is complete without a goody bag. Instead of the typical items we tried to keep them all mad science related! I’ll be sharing how I created some of the items like the brain soaps and glow in the dark slime in another post!

Looking for the other posts for the party? Click the image below!


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  5 Responses to “Mad Science Birthday Party: The Party!”

  1. LOVE it! So glad the coat & goggles worked out! :) And, with our science nerd family, you can bet that I’ll be throwing a party like this down the road! So fun!

  2. I think the mad scientist theme is the most perfect party for boys! What little doesn’t love to experiment. Love all the experiments you did provide… a wonderful variety and fun! Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts:)

  3. What an amazing party! I think you covered everything mad scientist related. I bet the kids Loved it!

  4. This is awesome, Sara!! I’m actually planning a Science party for my son this year, so this will be such a resource for me. You guys did so many experiments!! Any chance I could buy some of those flasks and things off of you?

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