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I’m so very excited today to share with you guys my first big DIY furniture makeover.

It all started with a dresser I found at a yard sale for $5 that was not pretty at all and therefore I made it into a dresser makeover project.

Now let me back it up even more, this would not have been possible without inspiration from the following blogs: (Stacy spoke at SNAP about DIY projects) (Ana also spoke at SNAP in the DIY session) (Laurie has a few posts like this one detailing products and how to’s)

Of course there are many more but these were the true motivators behind my madness. Now back to that $5 dresser:

I told you, unpleasant! But, I needed to make it over for Tyler’s room as his dresser isn’t cutting it.

See! Trash to treasure! Here is my product list and a how to:

Tools & Supplies:

  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser (generic at dollar store works just fine)
  • Coarse Sanding Block (40 grit, around $5 at Lowe’s)
  • Breathable Face Mask (for sanding and Polycrylic, multi pack found at dollar store)
  • Eye Protection (you can find these at the dollar store)
  • Primer (I liked Kilz premium, worked great but is bright white, if you don’t want to do as many coats, tint it, found at Walmart for around $7-8)
  • Paint ( I used Rustoleum Painter’s touch, under $10 at Lowe’s)
  • Mini Wax Polycrylic Spray (I think it was under $12 but Amazon has a 1/2 pint for only $7.79)
  • Foam Brushes (found at any craft store, few bucks for a bag of them)
  • Drawer Pulls (I lucked out on these and got a brand new 10 pack for only $2)

The How To:

I pulled out the drawers and took off the handles. I then wiped them down with the Magic Eraser, only took minutes and look at that difference.

For the actual dresser, I took the sanding block and my protective wear and did continuous circles throughout the top, sides and front.  Not to wear it was completely stripped but at least enough where the glossy feel was gone and there was a gritty feel for the Kilz to stick.

I then coated it in Kilz once, then again 20 minutes later making sure it was completely covered.

Then comes the paint. This took many a coat, I think the final count was 5 coats because that Kilz is white I tell ya!

It is finished with the Mini Wax Polycrylic spray to avoid scratching.

It is simple but it is time consuming, it took me a few days since I couldn’t do it in the heat and I wanted to make sure I did it in a well ventilated area instead of the garage.

I’m not doing a price total on this because I still have a good amount of the Kilz and Polycrylic as well as 1/2 a can of the blue paint left over. I would say based on what I have left and what I can re-use, this dresser cost me a total of $15!


 I have been hesitant to do a big project and I mean this one isn’t perfect but I am glad I did it.
Some things I learned:

Read the directions on your supplies and do your research. Visit blogs, go to how to sites and ask the employees at your hardware store!

That Rustoleum paint dries fast, stick to one section at a time and remember long, smooth strokes.

Have a plan in place, map out what you are going to do with your supplies and each step marked out so you don’t forget anything!

It doesn’t have to be perfect, if you are like me ready to embark on your first DIY furniture adventure, start with something small or something that hides in a closet like I did ;)

Thanks for looking!


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  6 Responses to “DIY Dresser Makeover w/ $5 Yardsale Dresser”

  1. I love it! Great modern feel :)

  2. Love the new look Sara! It’s great, the blue and the white go perfectly together. Thanks so much for coming by my Frittatas and Brunch Ideas post. I hope you’re having a great day today!

  3. What a beautiful job you’ve done with this dresser! I love the knobs you chose. Megan

  4. The dresser looks wonderful. I love the blue and the white contrast. The dresser knobs are great, too.

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