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I’ve always struggled with the balancing act of mom-hood. I’ve found that I probably try to do too much as a mom. From soccer practices to PTA meetings to church performances. I could do it all, I’m just your regular everyday SuperMom that is trying to keep it all under control. I actually love it though and find myself fortunate that I have a job that allows me to participate in all of these activities with my kids. I also love that they choose to do the activities and I can be right there to support them. Recently though, I’ve had the inner battle between doing it all and feeling guilt of not being able to do it all.

I mean, when is it too much? I’ve been to every soccer game and every basketball game. I’ve been to every school awards ceremony or play. I’ve made sure that the kids are where they need to be for each and every practice. Although two weeks ago I decided that I needed to pace myself a little better. For the first time, I didn’t attend my daughter’s Volleyball game. I felt guilty, I really did. I mean, I’ve never missed a game. But I had to have that inner dialogue of keeping my sanity that day and getting done what I needed to get done or attending her game. When I asked my daughter if she would mind, I got the typical Jr. High answer of Mom it’s totally fine, you come to every game it’s not that big of a deal”. So where is this guilt coming from?

I wonder if I am the only mom out there that strives for this perfection of the Super Mom title. Am I the only one who has felt guilt for missing just one event? Am I just crazy? Alright don’t answer that last one but seriously, I am learning to let go of trying to be Super Mom. It took missing that first game of Volleyball and one of my son’s Soccer games to actually start feeling all right about not being Super Mom. In fact, I found missing a game actually made me excited to see the next one. Also, maintaining sanity is just a bonus. So I’ll continue to make sure that my kids get to their events and they are always loving what they are doing, and I’ll work on this balancing of SuperMom with just being mom.

We’ll just go ahead and file this under the Mom Files

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